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Health and Safety Practice Plan Name Institution In an organization or company it is their responsibility to maintain a safe and a healthy workplace for their employees. A safety and health program which will assist in efforts to improve the work environment…
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Health and Safety Practice Plan (Part One), Introduction
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Health and Safety Practice Plan In an organization or company it is their responsibility to maintain a safe and a healthy workplace for their employees. A safety and health program which will assist in efforts to improve the work environment. Whatever you call it, the plan has to describe what the employees in the company do to prevent injuries and illness in the workplace. In this case, we are going to focus on Apple Inc, a company which manufactures communication devices and other digital applications (Kotler, 2012). Apple originated from two mutual interest Steve woznial and Steve jobs. The company began in the 1970s. Apple was a special design; it was to design communication, mobile devices, computers and networking services. However, the company also delivers digital applications such as iPhones, Mac, Apple TV and a portfolio of clients and specialized software applications. The company also sells its products globally through retail stores, direct line stores and direct sales force. Apple company offers a variety of personal and mobile devices to its customers the company has its own software products which include computer and mobile operating system for the Mac; server operating system software and other application software for its customers. The value of its products has increased by 129% in the past years, from $33 billion in 2011 to $76 billion this year; this was according to the global brand ranking in 2012. The market expanded by 49% and a major portion of the new market of products such as Samsung. Marketing mix entails price, product, promotion and place, all companies have the choice of whether to add or modify in any way to generate a desired marketing strategy. Kotler defines a product as anything, which can be offered to a market acquisition, attention or consumption which might satisfy a need or a want. Apple Inc is utilizing the iPod ecosystem to leverage the iPhones thereby supporting online music system. Apple Inc is improving, and expanding its supplying capabilities by operating their own retail stores in various cities around the globe in a market of good quality shopping venues. Apple is committed to ensure that the working conditions in Apple supply chain is secure that employees are treated with respect with dignity, and respect that the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. Apple commits in all of their activities, to operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which there operate. The present statements of Apple with regard to the environmental and health safety include training, accident reporting and keeping records. Apple Inc is committed to be strong programs of the accident and injury prevention and to complying with all the environmental, health safety laws and regulations. Good health and safety practices are the responsibility of each staff member. Line responsibility for good health and other safety practices begins with the supervisor in the workplace and proceeds upwards through the management. The director of health and safety is responsible for recommending university wide health safety policies ensuring the overall compliance with the regulations, and monitoring the effectiveness of safety and providing central health safety services to the entire company (Kotler, 2012). The company recognizes that integrating sound health and safety management practices in all aspects of the business and essential to maintain high morale and produce high quality products. In my organization, we deal in processing wines and spirit. During the processing, we use chemicals to be used to ferment and produce wine. Some of this chemical is harmful when inhaled and can cause critical lung diseases. We use gas masks to prevent the inhalation of the chemicals. I would prefer my organization should build special rooms, with plenty of oxygen supply and other gadgets which prevent humans from inhalation of the dangerous gases, I think would prevent inhalation of the chemicals. Also, they should prevent environmental pollution by creating special underground pits where the remains can be deposited for decay. At apple, environmental considerations are an integral of our business practices the suppliers shall commit to reduce the environmental impacts of their designs, waste emissions and manufacturing process. Suppliers shall manage and dispose of nonhazardous solid wastes which are generated from the operations as it is required by the applicable regulations. The employees have to be committed to the highest standard of ethical conduct when dealing with suppliers and clients. References Kotler. (2010). Fundamentals of occupational safety and health. Lanham, Md: Government Institutes. Read More
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