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Organisations and Resource Management - Book Report/Review Example

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National Express UK 1. Introduction As a part of the multinational National Express Group plc, National Express UK operates as the premier provider of transport services in the country (National Express Group, 2013a)…
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Organisations and Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages This business division unites 1000 locations across the United Kingdom and 500 destinations in Europe and North Africa as a partner of the Eurolines Network within the United Kingdom (National Express Group, 2013b). The UK coach business acts as a source of employment for 1500 individuals and operates from the head office of the company which is located in Birmingham (National Express Group, 2013b). The UK coach division of National Express is extensive and primarily functions on a key road network that covers more than fifty million miles, on an annual basis (Parliament of Great Britain, 2010). National Express believes that its UK coach business is a critical component of its wider operations as it essentially governs the extent to which the organization is able to provide significant customer value to the millions of individuals that benefit from its services. According to a report presented to the Parliament of Great Britain (2010), the functioning of the company’s coach network shares several common characteristics with the operations of the UK rail division. This notion implies that in order to achieve success and fulfill the corporate objectives that have been outlined by the National Express Group plc and the National Express UK, the company must work in cooperation with various authorities and agencies and comply with the regulations that have been outlined by these departments. Therefore, the primary partner of National Express Coach is the Highways Agency in addition with a number of local bodies which work for highway departments in the country (Parliament of Great Britain, 2010). Despite, of the staggering number of customers that benefit from National Express Coach services, the company has been able to maintain an impressive fleet which is characterized by great accessibility and ease of access (Parliament of Great Britain, 2010). The customer base of the organization is diverse and the firm proudly serves a clientele that belongs to various age groups and strata of society. The company believes that the common factor found in its large customer base is their desire to obtain services which provide greater value in terms of quality and affordability (Parliament of Great Britain, 2010). 2. Analysis of Current Position and Environment The financial reports generated for the year 2012 for the rail, bus and coach division of the organization revealed that the National Express UK was able to increase its operating profit for UK bus services business only, as the UK coach and UK rail division was marked by a decline in operating profits in 2012 as compared to the previous year (National Express Group, 2013c). The increase in the competitive nature of the UK transport services industry is an important consideration with regards to the current position of the organization in the market and the recent decline in the operating profit of the firm can also be attributed to this observation. As suggested by Kachru (2005, p. 84), “an in-depth investigation and analysis of our competition is one of the most important components of environmental scanning…” and to achieve this insightful knowledge, analysts can use the recommendations of the tool of PESTLE analysis (See Appendix A), as it facilitates an understanding of those political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental elements ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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