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Matt’s mother feels that the child should be brought up in the most natural way just like she was brought up during her early age. Her argument is that her seven year old child should take up his responsibilities without necessarily being rewarded for doing what he is supposed to do. …
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The Dilemma That Exists
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, the psychological approach is that behaviorism principles be applied to help the child learn to distinguish right and wrong behavior by rewarding the child’s positive behaviors (Bailey and Burch, 2013). While it is right to reward a child’s behavior, it is more appropriate if the child learns to take up their responsibilities without necessarily expecting a reward. The dilemma that exists is that there is a conflict on whether to use the Matt’s mother’s intuition or to apply a psychological approach in helping the child to appreciate their duty of doing homework or even using respectful language. According to McNamara’s decision making model, if there exists a situational dilemma it is important to identify the basis of the conflict while choosing the right path to take on the situation (McNamara, 2008). The Basis of the Conflict A keen look at the scenario shows that there exists a conflict of interest between Matt’s mother and the welfare of the child in the child orientation program. The mothers wish is that the child learns to respect people, do its homework and doing his chores in the same manner that she learnt without necessarily receiving tokens for doing what they are supposed to do. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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