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Human Resource: Workplace Conflict
Workplace conflict is a type of conflict that occurs among the employees at a work place. These conflicts may occur due to various aspects and challenges that employees face during their career life (Montgomery, 2005). …
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Work Conflict
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"Work Conflict"

These aspects could be quite personal: laziness of veteran employees, long working hours, hierarchal structure of the company and financial problems. However, these conflicts, if realized earlier by the management, have resolution. Veteran employees are the employees who have served the company for a long period. Conflict brought about by the veteran employees is an intragroup conflict. Veteran employees tend to be lazy, not motivated and sometimes tend to believe that they should receive the same treatment as the coworkers (Montgomery, 2005). Laziness of veteran employees can affect the performance of a team in a certain department in at the workplace. This is evident where employees slack off and do not attend to their pile of work. Walter and Jesse are team members at ABC Company. Walter and Jesse have worked for the company for about thirty years; their experience at work has made them veteran employees. Lately, performance of the team has been noticed to slack off due to the attitude of Jesse towards his duties. He believes he has been a veteran employee, hence, should have privileges over other work mates. His negligence and laziness at work place has built up a conflict, due to personality differences. Walter is an employee of type ‘A’ personality that is efficient and always determined to succeed in any chore. Read More
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Work Conflict Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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