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Employment flexibility - Australian perspective - Essay Example

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Employment flexibility - Australian perspective Abstract In order to maintain the free flowing of an organization, flexible working timing is extremely essential. This might help in improvement of the organizational productivity and revenues to a certain extent…
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Employment flexibility - Australian perspective
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Download file to see previous pages It is mainly due to the changing economic conditions and business scenario of the entire globe. By doing so, the organization might cope-up with the changing market conditions and requirements of the customers. As a result, the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization enhances resulting in amplification of its brand image and reputation in the market among others. Other than this, the demand and requirements of the products increased to a significant extent resulting in enhancement of its brand equity and profit margin in the entire market among other competitors operating in similar field. However, in order to increase the rate of competitiveness in global perspectives, maximum extent of the organizations desires to implement the concept of flexibility in the employment conditions of the workers. This helps the employees to avail the facility of varied working schedules and timings resulting in improvement of the morale and performance level of the employees. As a result, the level of productivity of the workers and organization enhanced to a considerable extent thereby enhancing its level of sustainability in this competitive scenario among other rival entrants. Thus, this concept proved extremely effective for the organizations and the workers operating in Australian market (Macdonalds, 2003). What Is Flexibility In Employment Mean? According to Reilly (2001), flexibility in working conditions means that getting adjusted to the economic conditions and also the working schedules so as to increase the productivity and efficiency of the organizations in the market among others. Not only this, it might also prove effective for the employees to increase their morale and dedication towards work resulting in amplification of their performance in the organization. Moreover, this concept is appreciated both by the management as well as the employees of the organization as it highlighted the outcomes-oriented approach. This means that time is not the prime constraint, but outcome or productivity is the prime thing. The employee had to offer the amount of work allotted to him or her in his preferred or ideal time so as to improve their level of performance and motivation as well. Thus, the National Qualification Framework (NQF) offered more concentration over outcome-oriented approach rather than time-control approach in Australian organizations (Reilly, 2001). Thus, this approach is highly appreciated by both the employers and the employees of the Australian organization as compared to others. Literature review According to Auer & Cazes (2003), employment flexibility is one of the innovative concept emerged in the recent age. The prime reason for the introduction of this concept is to motivate both the employees and the employer of the organization. The main aim of the employer of any organization in this age is to enhance its range of profit thereby fulfilling both the basic and psychological needs of the employees. Only then, the employees would become satisfied and as a result their level of performance and inner dedication might improve. Due to which, the level of efficiency and devotion towards the responsibilities of the work might enhance resulting in fulfilment of the common objective of the organization. Side by side, by observing the dedication level of the senior employees, the juniors might also adopt the similar working behaviour and culture resulting in enhancement of the total sales and ROI of the Australian organization in the entire globe among other rivals (Government of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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