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Choose an International Human Resource Trend that affects you now or may in the future: - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper, Human Resources (HR) Institution Research Paper, Human Resources (HR) Definition of Employee Empowerment One of the most popular human resource trends that have been in vogue in recent days is the concept of employee empowerment…
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Choose an International Human Resource Trend that affects you now or may in the future:
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"Choose an International Human Resource Trend that affects you now or may in the future:"

Download file to see previous pages It strives for increasing a members’ participation into decisions that affect organizational performance and employee interests. It is a state of feeling self-empowered by an individual and to take control over their own destiny. Empowerment is used frequently as a popular development strategy for organisations. It is described in terms of four crucial elements namely- Power, Information, Knowledge, and Skill and Rewards which support workers’ involvement. This concept is not a new one, however; though it has taken a new angle in the present day scenario. The inspiration behind the employee empowerment is explained as follows. An accessible and straightforward communication establishes superior results for the organization and its employees. Liberty and lucidity in the operations of a company promotes the company to a new level. Many companies across the world have adopted this style of human resource management and have got constructive results. Toyota is one of the examples. The company has been following proposition schemes and employee empowerment procedures for over two decades now. The management of Toyota receives suggestions and thoughts every year, and they are implemented by this company. Impact of Employee Empowerment on Organization and Workplace Environment Employee empowerment allows the employees to make critical and complex decisions. Effective empowerment helps the employees to perform significantly, but in some cases it can be devastating for both the workforce and businesses. However, it is important for the organization’s management to understand both positive and negative effects before applying an employee empowerment process in the organizational process. An adequate employee empowerment process can affect the business and work-environment in several ways. It can increase the level of arrogance. The confidence level of the employees generally increases when they are empowered. However, too much confidence cannot be effective for the organization as it can develop arrogance (Bailey, 2009). It is very much difficult for the management and other individuals to deal with the arrogant employees. Therefore, it is important for the leaders or managers to monitor and control the employee empowerment process to avoid several workplace conflicts in the near future. Employee empowerment can be considered as the performance booster, but a lack of experience of the employees can affect the organizational performance in several ways. Inadequate decision making processes can hamper the productivity of the organization. In addition, employers generally empower their employees in this empowerment process by sharing key and valuable data and information with them (Crawford, 2008). This free exchange of information and ideas can generate the risk of theft of data and information. However, this potential leak can devastate the business operation of the organization. Positive and Negative Aspects Positive Aspects Innovation and improved efficiency. The investigative process and ingenuousness of employee empowerment leads to innovation. It leads to knowledge sharing among the employees and the managers across the hierarchy. There is a superior communication between managers and employees across different units. Any ambiguity is reported on time. Employee contentment and motivation. Empowering the employees increases their rights or pledge in the work they are doing. This boosts their efficiency and productivity. Consequently, there is a reduction in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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