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Article Review - Strategic HR Management Question 1 Occupational Segregation a. Definition: Occupational Segregation is a specific distribution of people based on the demographic characteristics of them. Gender is majorly considered across and within the occupation…
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Article Review - Strategic HR Management
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Article Review - Strategic HR Management Question Occupational Segregation a. Definition: Occupational Segregation is a specific distribution of people based on the demographic characteristics of them. Gender is majorly considered across and within the occupation. There are two types of occupational segregation like vertical and horizontal segregation. b. Example: For an example, UK construction industry is the appropriate example of horizontal segregation. In UK construction industry, 90% employees are male. c. How Occupational Segregation affects gender inequality in metropolitan labor markets? There are several negative impacts of occupational segregation. It affects the gender inequality in a specific metropolitan labor market. Higher occupational gender segregation is connected with larger wage gaps. Considering female dominated occupation, women pay high penalty in the segregated market. It helps the male employees to achieve economic benefit. On the other hand, women take the same economic advantage in the integrated market due to narrow wage gap (Gauchat, Kelly and Wallace, 2012, p.721). Labor Market Structure a. Definition: Labor market structure is considered as the institutional configuration which dominated the economy of United States in three decades following the Second World War. Large corporations, manufacturing based employment, industrial concentration and fueled economic prosperity structure are the forms of labor market structure. b. Example: For example, manufacturing industry in US is suffering from sufficient skilled employees. On the other hand, growth of female employment in this industry is significantly increasing. c. How Labor Market Structure affects gender inequality in metropolitan labor markets? These labor market structures benefited the male employees but affected people of different colors and women employees. Sizable government sectors and public sector unions in US tried to provide employment advantages to women and people of different colors. In the year 1970, the women gain the advantage of labor force participation. It reduced the benefits of white men in labor market. These structures result a big gender earning gap (Gauchat, Kelly and Wallace, 2012, p.722). Globalization and Labor Market Restructuring a. Definition: Conceptualization of the economic globalization which emphasizes the transnational flow of labor in several global economic systems are known as globalization and labor market restructuring. b. Example: For example, global organizations and government corporations are developing institutional repertories in order to address equal employment practices. c. How Globalization and Labor Market restructuring affects gender inequality in metropolitan labor markets? Labor market restructuring in global market is considered as the negative consequence of intense global competition. Temporary service, homework, informal and part time employment self-employment represent the dark side of global competition. These concepts are affecting the metropolitan labor market (Gauchat, Kelly and Wallace, 2012, p.725). Question 2 Occupational gender segregation has several negative consequences. It develops occupational inequality as the disadvantage groups of employees are focused on low prestigious, stable and well paying jobs. Labor market structure refers to waning inequality’s industrial configurations categorized by industrial concentration, larger corporations, unionization, federal government expansion and manufacturing concentration. However, intense global competition has changed the structures of labor unions and the concept of genuine employment structure. Temporary service, homework, informal and part time employment self-employment are the negative results of occupational gender and color segregation. It affects the social balance of an area (Gauchat, Kelly and Wallace, 2012, p.720). Gender segregation can reduce the motivation level of several employees of different colors and genders. From the organization’s point of view, it can create several workplace conflicts. It can ultimately affect the business performance and business output of an organization. In addition, it can affect the reputation of the organizations. On the other hand, it can increase problems like high unemployment rate that can affect the economic environment of a country (Gauchat, Kelly and Wallace, 2012, p.721). Question 3 Gender inequality and gender segregation in occupation are generally inversely related. In maximum cases higher gender segregation level can offer several potential advantages to men employees. Gender pay gap is the major consequence of this occupational gender segregation. It has found out that in several male dominated countries, male employees earn more compensation or wages comparing to the women employees. High segregation forces the women employees to pay higher penalty. It cannot be changed until and unless government of that country and public corporation take some initiatives to change the definition. Huge wage gap is the major consequence of occupational gender segregation (Gauchat, Kelly and Wallace, 2012, p.741). This concept can be identified in low-skilled employment. Male employees earn more than the women employees in low skilled employment. This inequality is creating several critical challenges for the organizations. Labor union conflicts, legal challenges are the major consequences of this occupational gender segregation. It is true that global business environment is becoming highly competitive due to the increase of market demand. Therefore, the organizations are trying to provide equal job opportunities to people of all the genders and colors. Increasing global demand is improving the condition of labor market for all the workers. Now-a-days, women are also achieving employment opportunity similar to the male employees (Gauchat, Kelly and Wallace, 2012, p.742). References Gauchat, G., Kelly, M., and Wallace, M., 2012. Occupational gender segregation, globalization, and gender earnings inequality in U.S. metropolitan areas. London: Sage. Read More
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