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Human Resource Management in China. Performance Appraisal - Dissertation Example

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Human resource management as being an essential and vital element of any business corporation fundamentally deals with the employment of individuals that is recruitment and selection of candidates to be added into the workforce in the most suitable manner…
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Human Resource Management in China. Performance Appraisal
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Download file to see previous pages Edvinsson’s explication of intellectual capital in his book signifies the importance of human resource management to an elevated extent. Human resource is one of the most fundamental and important function for the development of an organization. The workforce of an enterprise plays the most crucial role for the firm to thrive in the market in a successful and appropriate manner. The goals and objectives of an organization are intrinsically dependent upon the efficiency of its employed individuals. This task comes under the shadow of the human resource management which is required to operate in the most appropriate manner for the corporation in any industry (Price, 2011). The most successful business corporations in the west tend to put immense attention upon the operating workforce to remain the best in business. The dependency of an organization in order to attain the aims is the most upon human resource management because the efficiency or deficiency of the employees directly affects the finance of organization. Human resource management as being an essential and vital element of any business corporation fundamentally deals with the employment of individuals that is recruitment and selection of candidates to be added into the workforce in the most suitable manner (Sims, 2006). In addition to enlarging or replacing the work team, it also deals with the training and development of recruited employees by which the organizational development is directly associated. With all of the other responsibilities of human resource management, there is critically a significant task which human resource management is responsible for. This task is related to the performance of employed individuals in concordance with the aims, objectives and regulations of the organization. The reason for this task being critical for any organization and its human resource management is the fact that the performance of employees directly affects the performance of the organization in the market (Price, 2011). Human resource management is one of the most authoritative departments in the organizational management because it deals with the hiring and firing of employees on the basis of their performance in the work force (Sims, 2006). The most visible and clear way to deal with a low performing employee is to fire that individual from the workforce and recruit the better individual in the team on the basis of his skills and capabilities. The performance of employee is directly associated to the revenue that is generated by any organization. If the human resource of a company works efficiently and appropriately then the revenues of certain company is necessarily going to be increased and vice versa. In industry from aviation to food industry, the human resource management plays a vital role regarding the graph of performance of the work force on individual as well as on the group level. The firing and hiring of employees is strictly dependent upon the performance of individuals which is assured by the human resource department to any firm (Price, 2011). Employees’ Performance and Corporations Corporations are formed with certain business objectives underlying every official activity of that corporation. The most important and certain objective which each business firm decides is the maximum generation of revenue and making the maximum profit out of its capital and resources. From production to service providence and from apparel to food chains, every business organizational dealings are fundamentally dependent upon these two objectives. In all of the resources of a company in any industry, the hum ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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