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Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1967 (OSHA) Research Paper - Essay Example

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Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1967 (OSHA) Research Paper Introduction Occupational safety and health is a specific area that is concerned with protecting the health, welfare and safety of people who are involved in employment or work. The aim of the occupational safety and health program is to foster a healthy and safe work environment…
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Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1967 (OSHA) Research Paper
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Extract of sample "Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1967 (OSHA) Research Paper"

Download file to see previous pages The study is all about the OSHA of 1967. The research will highlight the purpose of the law. Moreover, it the study will reveal the requirement of the law. The study will discuss about the application and effect of this law in the organizations. In order to clear the concept of the readers, the study has provided important case example and issues associated with the case. Finally the study will summarize the whole research and provide a recommendation plan. Analysis History In US, the DOSH under the Human Resource Ministry has ensured that the health, welfare and safety of the employees in both private and public sector should be upheld. DOSH has enforced machinery act in 1967. It is under the OSHA act. OSHA officially formed in the year 1971. The act has become effective. Due to this act the employers are bound to provide safety and health benefits to the employees. Several Facts about the Act Hazards can affect the work environment of several workplaces and organizations. Several calamities and accidents, such as falling objects, sharp edges, noise, chemical and flying sparks can create a dangerous situation. Controlling the accidents and hazards is the best possible way to protect the employees within an organization. OSHA requires employers should have these controlling elements in order to protect the employees from the hazards and injuries in workplace (OSHA, 2003). According to the act, employers should provide PPE to their employees when the administrative and workplace controls are not feasible. The following controlling and management process will help both the employees and employers of an organization. Realize several types of PPE. Workplace hazard assessment needs to be conducted. Appropriate PPE should be selected for various circumstances. Appropriate training program and proper utilization of PPE need to be realized depending upon the specific situations. In order to ensure the best possible protection for the employees in an organization, the employers and employees need to execute collaborative and co-operative efforts. This will help them to establish and maintain a healthy and safe work environment. The followings are the recommended roles of both employers and employees. Employers should perform a hazard assessment of the organization’s workplace. It will help them to identify and control. Employers should provide training to use and take care of PPE. Employers should identify and offer useful PPE for employees. Employers should review periodically, update and evaluate the significance and effectiveness of the programs related to PPE. Employees should attend the training programs in regular basis. Moreover, they need to take care and maintain a PPE. Employees should inform the supervisors to replace the affected materials and PPE. This occupational safety and health program also protects employers, family members, co-workers and other who can be affected due to inadequate workplace environment. Occupational safety and health law is important for legal, financial and moral reasons. Critical Thinking, Elaboration and Discussion The OSHA act was developed in order to provide the employees a healthy and safe working environment in USA. This OSHA is an administrative body that is administered through the Labor Department. Application for HR professional, Managers and Employers Generally ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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