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Values & Beliefs Student: Course: Date: Professor: Top 5 Values & my Ethical Leadership Journey Challenge – This refers to the different difficult happenings and situations that are encountered daily and add experience to us when we overcome them. This value is very important to me because it gives me the sense that I can overcome challenges of ethical leadership…
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Download file to see previous pages Integrity – Integrity means being above reproach in matters pertaining to leadership. In matters pertaining to ethical leadership, integrity forms an important pillar on which other attributes rest upon. It is impossible to practice ethical leadership when one’s integrity is questionable. Knowledge – This refers to understanding that is accrued with time from either studying or experience. In ethical leadership, knowledge is very important because knowledge is power and therefore only those leaders that have knowledge are able to wield power and lead others properly. Cooperation – This means closely working together with other people in order to accomplish tasks. It follows then that the success of ethical leadership is largely dependent on close working of leaders with the people that they lead. Integration of these Values into Leadership Style Integration of these values into ethical leadership is not an easy task that can be undertaken overnight but it is a process. In this process, the first thing is be aware of these values and then embody them within ourselves. Embodying these values simply means living them and letting them become part of our daily lives. In this regards, it becomes easy to lead a lifestyle that is emanating from what we believe in. After embracing these values as our inner core values, the next step is developing visions that are important avenues of expressing the core values within us. It then becomes very easy to integrate these values into ethical leadership via the values that we have developed. Supporting Core Values in Ethical Decision Making Supporting of core values in professional life especially in times when we have to make ethical decisions is very challenging. The first thing is to stand firm with our decisions and not allow us to reverse them. This is important because when we allow to be moved from the decisions that we make, it shows that we are not sure of ourselves and therefore we cannot be trusted with challenges of leadership. In addition, it is not good to allow personal emotions to interfere with our decision making processes. This is because emotions usually temper with our ability to think clearly and objectively. When emotions are involved in our decision making, it is more likely that the wrong decisions will be made. My Five Greatest Strengths One of my greatest strengths is mental strength. Mental strength is the ability to clearly think through issues and make the correct choices. I came to learn about this strength sometimes back when I was chosen to head a task force in my work place. This task force was supposed to come up with recommendations on how to recruit new staff. Another strength that I have is multitasking whereby I can undertake different tasks at the same time. This strength is not very easy to master and I came to discover it during the time when I was heading that task force. At that time, I was supposed to handle different issues and matters besides delivering on my job. A third strength that I know I have is good interaction with other people around me. I have known of this strength since I was a small child when growing with my siblings. Even after I joined elementary school and my later school life, I was never without friends and people have always considered me a very social and likable person. The fourth strength that I h ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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