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Trends in the Workplace Name Institution Date Trends in the Workplace: The Dress Code in Canadian Workplaces Introduction The subject of dress codes in the workplace has always been a contentious one in various parts of the world. While it is true that employers have no right to demand that their employees wear certain clothes to work, workers have a duty to dress appropriately when attending to their duties…
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Download file to see previous pages The image of an organization can be negatively affected by a dress code that does not mirror seriousness. The Canadian Workplace All workers in Canada have a right to dress according to their tastes so long as their preferences do not collide with workplace stipulations (Krahn, Hughes, & Lowe, 2010). Sometimes, there are rules created by corporations about what is appropriate that infringe on the workers’ personal rights. For example, there are companies that do not approve of workers with tattoos, dreadlocks, beards, and facial rings. The rules of such corporations can be rendered irrelevant by court rulings, though this is not always what happens when the workers of such corporations sue them. Business owners and corporate directors in such cases are usually required to provide evidence that justifies the existence of such rules. Sometimes, employers provide valid reasons that result in courts upholding their rules on the appropriate dress codes. For example, manufacturing plants that have a lot of machinery have a right to require that their workers remove all facial jewelry because it might get caught in the machines and seriously injure them. Since some employers are the creators of their own companies, they have a right to determine whether their workers should wear uniforms or dress in regular clothes. The only issue that employees can complain about are those to do with decency. For example, bar owners have no right to force their waiters and waitresses to dress in skimpy outfits that make them uncomfortable. If a worker sues his or her employer for being dismissed after refusing to wear skimpy clothes, a court can make the decision that the dismissal was unnecessary if it is established that the employer’s preferred dress code for workers was unreasonable. Moreover, there are sporadic cases where bar owners who have such dress codes have been allowed to dismiss workers who refuse to don skimpy outfits. In such cases, the bar owners proved in court that they had included information in previous work notices that informed potential workers about the type of work, as well as workplace uniform, that they would have to wear when working. In most cases where Canadian companies have dress codes that do not require that workers don indecent clothing, however, courts usually side with the employers. This is because the dress codes in such cases are usually enforced to prevent accidents in the workplace. For example, safety boots and gloves protect against accidents in the workplace. Employers have the right to implement dress codes when seeking to protect their workers so long as they explain their reasons for this to their employees. In some workplaces in Canada, workers are expected to dress in uniforms. Nurses, restaurant workers, and police officers are an example of workers who regularly don uniforms when at work. Their uniforms identify them to the public and enforce consistency in the labourforce. For nurses, their uniforms do not only identify them to the public, but also serve to protect their patients from catching any germs from the nurses who work with different patients all through the day. For restaurant workers, donning hair coverings is a way of stopping hair strands from falling into the food they serve to the customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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