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Analysis of the training criteria used to send staff for trainning - Research Paper Example

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Analysis of the Training Criteria Used To Send Staff for Training INTRODUCTION Training is often argued as among the important processes being followed in various kinds of organizations, irrespective of their nature as a profit oriented firm or a non-profit oriented firm in order to incorporate particular individual or a set of groups effectively in the decision making procedure and thus, in the overall efficiency enhancement or progress of the corporate entity…
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Analysis of the training criteria used to send staff for trainning
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Download file to see previous pages As commonly witnessed, in the process of training, the skills as well as knowledge possessed by an employee(s) are indented to be developed with the intention to attain organizational goals more comfortably (Drummond 4-8). Based on these aspects, it has been noted that training of the staff members will be quite crucial in General Organization for Youth and sport (GOYS), which is a renowned non-profit organization of Bahrain. The organization is known for providing requisite support to the youth of the country and facilitates them with major technologies as well as trainers required to pursue a career in sports. The organization is also involved in promoting and discovering talented youth and encouraging them to participate in sports representing the country in the global arena General Organization for Youth and Sports, “General Conditions”). PART 1: IDENTIFICATION AND JUSTIFICATION OF A STRATEGIC INVESTIGATIVE PROJECT 1.1. Topic of the investigation In the modern day business context, staff members should necessarily possess all the latest skills that are required for the continuous development of the organizational operations to accomplish the determined objectives. However, owing to the persistence of gaps in the skills required and the skills possessed, staff members need to be provided with adequate training so as to mitigate such gaps and attain organizational objectives at large. In relation to this, the topic of the study for this research paper will investigate about the strategies through which GOYS of Bahrain has developed as its training criteria to provide its staff members with training facilities and mitigate gaps existing in their skills. Being a non-profit organization, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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