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Human Resource Questions Question 1 Training evaluation has been recognized as a major challenge for organizations (Twitchell et al, 2000). Critically discuss this statement with reference to the importance of evaluation and some of the issues surrounding undertaking that evaluation…
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Human Resourcse question
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Download file to see previous pages Evaluation of training requires persistence, adherence towards industry’s best practices and compliance to follow the details. When such measures are undertaken, training will be imparted in a corrective fashion, where the objective will be to mentor rather than merely passing time. Hence the objective of training evaluation is to draw parallel with how things shall be constructed and where anomalies can be resolved in a quantifiable manner. The critique of training is established by understanding that the organizational strategy requires a proper cover towards measures and steps which shall go a long way in developing how matters will be taken care of within the business concerns. It is the responsibility of the management and management alone has to be accountable to all other departments within the realms of a business (Sims, 1998). This training should be comprehensive and must cover areas which are deemed as inappropriate today but might be taken as significant in the future. Training can be evaluated by making use of different questionnaires and testimonials from people who would require training for improving their professional settings. Questions could be asked of them to solicit their replies so that training can be adjudged as being fairly significant from one context or the other (Brewster and Pickard, 1994). The need is to learn where training is making headway and how it is on the weaker side. Actions are taken to address the latter points at the earliest. The return on expected outcomes is fairly simple to estimate. If the training modules cannot bring any significant change, then there are ought to be several problems that one might find with training. However, if the training is comprehensive, then the expectations that people have of it are fulfilled. When training is being undertaken to achieve sound results, the key performance indicators or KPIs for short are realized easily. However, when the training regimes have some weaknesses or grey areas within them, then it becomes a Herculean task to resolve the difficulties which stand in the way of achieving these KPIs. If the business has invested a great amount on training alone, it must make sure that this return on its investment comes with the passage of time. A training undertaking which goes wrong would not suffice as far as investment viability issues are concerned. Hence it is always a good idea to have a very realistic figure of the return on investment as far as training within an organization is concerned (Schuler, 2004). As Bramley, 1996 suggests, the actual criteria for training evaluation should always be built upon the activities of training right from the very beginning. This would mean that the initial phase of training will be able to draw results; otherwise it would not be seen as a feasible option. Sadler – Smith et al (1999) raise another important consideration with regards to training. This research points out that training evaluation is for the larger part made use of within feedback towards individuals as well as to inform and educate the process of training and slightly lesser for the return on investment as discussed earlier. This could have a completely different scenario than what was delved upon in the above paragraphs. After all, return on investment has always been a much imperative disposition on the part of the training regi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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