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Human Resource Management Between the Different Levels of Employees - Essay Example

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The goal of the present paper is to overview the common functions of the human resource management. Furthermore, the essay focuses on the structure of the management itself as well as discusses multiple major elements and factors of successful HR management…
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Human Resource Management Between the Different Levels of Employees
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Download file to see previous pages According to the stated scenario of Premier technologies, it can be identified that the organization is witnessing significant challenges regarding the continuous drop in the performances of each individual. With due consideration to the performance level of the organization for the past few years, it was identified that the people equity scores started declining after an initial rise. With this concern, certain issues might persist regarding the organization’s current position. Therefore, the major reason for declining performances of the employees can be identified by critically analyzing the importance of effective human resource management within the organization (the University of Mumbai, n.d.). The major functions of human resource management can be categorized into two divisions: (a) Managerial Functions and (b) Operational Functions. (a) Managerial Functions The managerial functions with regard to an effective human resource management in an organization includes planning, organizing, directing and controlling the overall tasks, objectives as well as employees. The planning function of the human resource department involves identifying appropriate individuals for each task. Therefore, the personnel manager of Premier Technologies needs to take into deliberation certain considerations concerning the tasks after identifying appropriate people(s) in order to prevent future obstacles within the organizational processes...
e employees through procurement, development as well as providing compensation to the person which is supposed to be required for achieving the organization’s overall objectives. Moreover, maintaining an effective industrial relation with the employees, keeping the performance record of each worker as well as planning and evaluating various activities in order to boost the existing efforts of the workforce (the University of Mumbai, n.d.). Scenario 2 The alignment of the workforce and the communication gap between the managerial hierarchies and operational teams within the organization can be identified as grave factors affecting the performances of the employees. The nine major drivers triggering the communication gap between the different levels of employees are organizational structure, ineffective corporate governance policies, decision making process, lack of leadership and motivational skills, performance appraisal activities, unproductive working environment, ineffective training process, conflict management among the workers as well as controlling individual attitudes and behaviors (McKinnon, 2003). Organizational Structure: The organizational structure and design of the major hierarchies within the organization can be considered as one of the major elements in order to achieve a significant growth. Structuring an effective design of the organizational structure is a vital role that involves ability, skills, and experience to handle each individual and performance of their roles within the organization. Therefore, the organizational structure for Premier technologies should involve a tall structure in order to raise the performance as well as command greater control on the employees (McKinnon, 2003). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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