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Potential Employees' use of Google and Facebook to Assess Applicants - Assignment Example

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The research paper "Potential Employees' use of Google and Facebook to Assess Applicants" highlights some questions like the job seekers knowledge of privacy settings, importance that employers give, /don’t give to potential employees private lives outside of work…
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Potential Employees use of Google and Facebook to Assess Applicants
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Extract of sample "Potential Employees' use of Google and Facebook to Assess Applicants"

Download file to see previous pages Technology which has remained indispensable to most organizations today is undoubtedly changing and advancing their internal operations. The work of human resource departments specifically has been made easier with the advent of technology especially social networks, because they can easily evaluate the integrity and moral life of the applicant outside the professional field. Most firms would wish their employees to uphold high level of integrity within and without job settings because everywhere they are they represent the organizations image. (Zeidner,2007)
This paper will try to evaluate the legal and professional implications of applying the utilitarian approach of ethics which is purely meant to ensure employers full satisfaction with a least harm to the affected i.e. customers, employees, shareholders, community and the environment. The investigation will offer more information on the legal implications of invading applicant’s privacy and also the need for the applicants to enhance their privacy settings besides minding what they post to the public. The key question that this paper will address is on whether employers should invade the applicant’s privacy during recruiting process
In order to complete this research work successfully, there are different aspects of methodology which were used. One of them was the sampling of participants who included employers, employees and job seekers in the proportion of 5, 7, and 8 respectively. They were emailed structured questionnaire which was later received and the information collected was presented. The questionnaires were mainly used to collect primary data but there are also other ways through which data was collected such as interviews.
Information was also collected from secondary sources of which mainly included books, academic articles and journals. The information collected in the secondary sources as presented earlier on makes it possible to compare what has been written and the information which was collected first hand through the questionnaires.
Throughout the data collected and analyzed and presented, there were a number of findings which were established. The most outstanding view was that applicants especially students be very careful with the posts they make because it could give poor judgment and career limiting effects. They believed that currently there is no proper legal framework regarding posts on face book. One employer stated that they found a provocative picture and content related to drugs abuse on face book page of the potential applicants’ wall which made him to lose the job.
Applicants had the view that it is unethical for most employers to view their face book profiles. The findings sated that most students tended to drew a line between the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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