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How Personal Can Ethics Get - Essay Example

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This paper tries to explain how personal of the company can get ethics through the investigation of the given case of the marketing manager of Wisson. Ethics have been a controversial subject since the beginning. Morals and Ethics have been used interchangeably even though they don’t mean the same…
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How Personal Can Ethics Get
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Download file to see previous pages Personal differences and preferences can impart a negative impact on organizational ethics, especially if it is up on the hierarchical level. Favoritism and Partiality has forever been known for violation of equal rights – a policy that most organizations carry on their sleeves. If an executive practices partiality in his/her choices of human resource, it not only affects the morale of the competitor individual but also diminishes the overall efficiency of the organization knowing a suitable candidate was rejected for a project against an incapable one. Additionally, this will also demoralize other employees of the organization, knowing that the system for their career growth is corrupt by personal biases. If this partiality is backed by personal gains (monetary or otherwise) on behalf of the executive, it further deteriorates the organizational relationships – the employees tend to be uninterested in company decisions, disloyal towards the organization and low- performed. Turnover rate can also be expected to be higher than normal for such an organization. Also, it can be expected that such an organization will dissolve rapidly into non-existence. Business operations therefore strictly require the setting aside of personal differences and working in collaboration for common organizational goals.
Ethics play a vital role in organizations and organizational commitments on behalf of employees. Ethics, if practiced properly, can guarantee organizational prosperity. This is because ethical environment ensures safeguard of employee rights, allowing them to concentrate on their jobs and prove to be productive members of the organization. The employees will be less pressurized to compromise their own ethics and values, making them comfortable and satisfied in their jobs. It will promote equality among all employees, controlling misconduct and sycophancy naturally. An employee will possess greater willingness to report misconduct, if any, knowing the organization will take appropriate actions against it. The employees will feel valued by the organization for their actual worth (Rhoden).
Organizational procedures and policies reflect the ethical system of that organization. In most organizations, the code of conduct and policies are well-written pieces of deep-rooted ethics. However, in reality, these tend to be practiced solely on the surface. Same is the situation with the organization in the case study – Wisson possesses elegant and well-written organizational policies, which Valarie (the marketing manager of Wisson) later discovers are not adequately practiced. As vital as the clause for bribes and personal payments was being violated by Valarie’s boss, Waters. Such practices pose serious threats to organizational and personal ethics, creating a conflict between the two. As person-job fit is emphasized in most management guidelines, the importance of person-organization fit is now being increasingly recognized. If a person’s personal ethics and values are not in peace with the organization’s ethics, serious issues can arise in the form of ethical dilemmas, greatly hampering one’s capability to perform.
In the case under investigation, Valarie was undergoing the same ethical dilemmas posed by improper person-organization fit. She was a staunch believer of equal opportunities for all and widespread competition being healthy for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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