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Human resource development - Essay Example

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ACC, a Danish company, experimented with a new type of training that was designed to create adult learning associated with the production of a learning organization. Initially, the attitudes about the project were quite favourable, however upon launch, participants chosen for the activity found it to be without much merit. …
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Human resource development
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Download file to see previous pages ACC, a Danish company, experimented with a new type of training that was designed to create adult learning associated with the production of a learning organization Initially, the attitudes about the project were quite favourable, however upon launch, participants chosen for the activity found it to be without much merit. This was due to poor communication about the nature of the project, less autonomy and shared decision-making, and the fact that the organisation remained static and would not be changing. This project recommends that there be a new system of training for creating a positive attitude for a learning organisation that include better preliminary communications and also with margin for organisational flexibility. Article overview The article selected for review, “The learning organization: an undelivered promise”, highlights the activities associated with a year-long training seminar targeting professional employees at a Danish organisation known as Administrative Case Consideration (ACC). The purpose of the study was to identify the different training methods used to foster a new collaborative learning organisation in which managers could develop new skills as knowledge managers dedicated to promoting learning across the entire staff. The goal was to change employees whilst the organisation, itself, as well as its internal policies and processes, remained static and unchanging. The study’s methodology consisted of professionals being grouped into four work teams, with each portion of training for each team carried out over a three month period. Teams rotated throughout the entire year until the entire organisation had been through the programme. Direct observation by the researcher occurred, therefore validating results significantly as the researcher was able to both participate and interview those involved in the training sessions. Pre- and post-interviews were delivered to the training members to identify whether their attitudes about the training has changed after their three month session was completed. There were four models used in the training, including quality, communications, and generic principles associated with total quality management. The article informs the reader by identifying that such structures are oftentimes socially driven with frustrations caused by limited new skills development. It shows that adult learning is sometimes complex with radical social structures guiding its development and effectiveness, even when social dimensions are not the goal of creating a learning organisation. The advantages of this training were closer interpersonal relationships with colleagues, more so than embracing of the learning organisation concepts. Andragogic approach This study was andragogic in design as it facilitated learning with adult participants. In many ways, it was self-directing, oriented to provide meaningful insight surrounding current problems and tasks associated with ACC, and based on trust and collaboration. These are necessary to facilitate andragogic learning effectively (Guldem 2009). Since the study did not involve youths, it was not pedagogic in nature and the basis of learning was geared around the elements of adult management and leadership necessary to achieve the goal of promoting a learning organisation. The learning was supposed to be intrinsically motivated, as the preliminary interviews had identified that the majority of participants were initially excited and interested about joining the training structure. However, considerable frustrations occurred in this andragogic effort that will be identified. The model of training used The model used was unique to the environment and activities associated with ACC, however were loosely based on John Dewey’s theory of learning. In this theory, the professionals “require a preparation to enable them to sense uncertain situations and act upon them by way of inquiry” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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