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(Human-Resource-Development) - Case Study Example

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In the implementation of Kaizen, what groups of employees are likely to need training How should the trainees be organized Think of this issue from a training design perspective and from a training content perspective.
The employees of the entire company will need to get the benefits of the training…
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Case Study (Human-Resource-Development)
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Extract of sample "(Human-Resource-Development)"

Download file to see previous pages The employees must be sent for the training in batches of forty persons per batch. Each batch will last one week.
On the first day, the training will begin with the trainer explaining what Kaizen is all about. Then the group will spend some time introducing each other. There will not be more than three sessions per day. In the beginning, the sessions must be used to impart information about the present status of the company. Gradually, the trainees will be told about what the company intends to do to bring about a turnaround and what is expected from each employee to bring about the progress. The sessions must be interspersed with lively but lesson producing games to highlight the importance of performing as a team and the role of each member in the team.
Under improving efficiency, all the functions including company goals, means of achieving these goals, delegation of responsibilities, and rewards/penalties for outstanding performance/below average performance will be covered.
Customer satisfaction is achieved by understanding the customer's problems and difficulties and solving them promptly. Sometimes there will be the need to coordinate with different people and departments in order to address customer's concerns. All these must be wrapped up within the working day.
The learning objectives for achievement of target rest with each indi...
The learning objectives for achievement of target rest with each individual employee doing his job qualitatively and quantitatively. There must be special focus on improving as an individual employee and also as a team. This is achieved by encouraging innovations and open communication.
For each group of employees that will need training, what are the organizational constraints that need to be addressed in the design of the training What design features should be used to address these constraints Be sure to address both the learning and transfer of training issues.
The organizational constraints are issues that come in the way of achieving targets. These are issues like loss of man-days, absenteeism, communication problems, and ego problems. They can also be constraining issues the company is forced to follow due to its own policies or policies/statutory requirements enforced by law.
These can be explained to the employees in one of the training sessions. To begin, each trainee must diligently attend each session. The trainees must actively participate in the discussions and games.
Case 2 - Strategic Planning at Multistate Health Corporation (MHC)
In the implementation of the HRPS, what groups of employees are likely to need training Think of this from a training design perspective and from a training content perspective.
The senior level management and everyone else below need training. MHC's present management status is a disaster. The rot begins at the top. The training to stem the rot and bring about transformation must also begin at the topmost level. The training for the middle level management and the management and staff below the middle level can be addressed as a matter of course.
For the type of training you envision for each group, what are the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Case Study (Human-Resource-Development) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Case Study (Human-Resource-Development) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Case Study (Human-Resource-Development) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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