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Advantages to employers in instituting family-friendly policies - Research Paper Example

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A human’s life comes with a lot of responsibilities to fulfill.But these responsibilities sometimes prove to be difficult to manage such as the work life and the family life.But effective work life balance establishes itself to be a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee…
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Advantages to employers in instituting family-friendly policies
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Download file to see previous pages A human’s life comes with a lot of responsibilities to fulfill.But these responsibilities sometimes prove to be difficult to manage such as the work life and the family life.But effective work life balance establishes itself to be a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee. It helps to retain the employees and also increase their performance by providing them benefits that makes the juggling between home life and work life easier and flexible. But like every human phenomena, it also has a flipside. The job sharing done to accommodate the work that could not be completed is given to the employees who don’t have children. This makes them to work out two jobs for a single wage. Hence, effective distribution of the work is the key in here. Introduction Life is not easy. There are many spheres in our lives that hold equal importance and hence we need to manage all of them. Our work, our family, our social life and our health are some of the areas that we need to juggle between. Neglecting any of them proves to be harsh on us. New age employers are now understanding this fact and taking initiatives to make work life much more flexible and hence happier, by employing family friendly policies. Today, employing family friendly policies is not just about the happiness of the employees, but it’s also about the attaining the status for an employer which increases his value in the market and gives him a gut above the rest with the help of the tag “a good employer”. ...
This in turn affects their performance as a whole which leads to a dip further in their job satisfaction (Halpern, 2005). If they are not satisfied, this feeling will further have a loading on their personal lives. The stress they experience will have its dire manifestation on their health. Many diseases that can result out of this are hypertension, heart disease, polycystic ovarian disease and so on. This can be seen in times of economic nose-dives such as recession. This was a time where the employees didn’t have a clear idea as to will they retain their jobs the next consequent day or will they be called- off from their jobs. The new age employers understand the importance of keeping employees happy even in the hardest of times because this will lead to greater production for the organization’s stated goals. Some of the family friendly policies can be that the organizations provides coverage for prescription drugs, hospital bills, basic clinician’s expenses and other paramedical services such as the visits to a psychologist. The juggle between work and family and the tight schedule where in to sit comfortably and contemplate for one’s life becomes a rare luxury. Taking this scenario into account, we need to understand that an employee is also a human being and may also get nasty spells of depression and frustration and hence there might be a need for him to vent out all the anger and pain that is loitering around with him in all his spheres of life, making them even more unmanageable. Here comes a need for a psychologist. A faulty thought pattern may lead to faulty behavioral tendencies. Next Level Games is a Vancouver based organization that understands this fact and gives coverage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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