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E Human Resource - Essay Example

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This paper talks that emergence of the global economy, technology and a shrinking workforce accounts for the some of the major factors which have pushed the human resource managers in the forefront. It is also uncertain to predict things which lie ahead in businesses…
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E Human Resource
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Download file to see previous pages E Human Resource is referred to the management, regulation and use of electronic processes and information relating to human resource and the employment laws. It is an extremely broad term and has been continuously evolving in its field. With the emerging trends like globalization, customer orientation, and specialization, companies have been especially emphasising on recruitments, evolution and sustainment of qualified employees. Companies have gained extensive awareness about the fact that human resources have been gradually transforming from being a cost factor to a success factor. They have also realized that a shrinking population and a shrinking workforce would be the most crucial crisis in the years to come. Many of the activities of the human resource departments can be delegated to the employees using the modern system f information and technology. Electronic Human Resource Management (e-HRM) is a tool which is web based and which helps in automating and supporting the human resource processes. Implementing e-HRM would provide the opportunity to delegate the process of data entry to employees themselves. Moreover it facilitates the use of human resource marketplaces (e-Recruitment) and allows greater amount of self service to employees (Biesalski, n.d., p.1). It is the outcome of the combination of various technologies. Firstly the growing importance of the knowledge factor in organizations has been the driving force behind the evolution of IT. Information systems like e-HRM that provides information allows companies to gain comprehensive and consistent concept for knowledge management. It is important to explain the concept of knowledge management in this regard. Knowledge management is considered to be a collection of various techniques. Using this large variety of techniques, organizations are able to acquire knowledge, organize the knowledge and finally make the knowledge transparent. Intelligent data analysis and e-HRM combined helps to disburden the employees of the human resource ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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