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Role of HR Department in the Success of an Organisation - Essay Example

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This essay "Role of HR Department in the Success of an Organisation" focuses on the growth of media, developments and advancements in information technology followed by improvements in communication networks that have forced the companies to change their business strategies and to focus more on product development, market development and diversification. …
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Role of HR Department in the Success of an Organisation
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Download file to see previous pages The entrance of new enterprises in corporate arena has intensified the competition among firms; hence every entity is more focused towards cost leadership so that it could ensure business survival and expansion. Indeed, the old workplace rules, regulations, requirements and criteria have been replaced by new workplace standards and roles so that the organisations could flourish in an absolutely uncertain, unpredictable, unclear, unstructured and unexpected business environment. The new workplace demands a greater emphasis on open communication, information sharing and team building that, in turn, leads to greater coordination, collaboration and cooperation among employees – employers. Unequivocally, Human Resource Management plays its vital role in goal accomplishment and organisational success because HR managers are solely responsible for recruitment, selection, training and skills development, employee compensation, placement, performance evaluation and retrenchment. For instance, the aforementioned functions are also a part of employee resourcing, which sometimes also known as strategic resourcing (Kato, 2009); (Alcazar et al, 2005). It is worthwhile to mention that the debate on employee (strategic) resourcing has been intensified because of the increasingly vital role of HR department in the success of an organisation. Nevertheless, HR professionals are also aware of the fact that employees tend to face work-family conflicts when they are bombarded with excessive tasks and job requirements coupled with unrealistic goals and targets that are unachievable. For instance, employment discrimination and glass ceiling restrict the entry and progress of many deserving workers, which comes under unfair behaviour. Next, employers tend to force employees to work for additional hours without any extra disbursements/payments for overtime (Webster, 2011). Therefore, the employee resourcing task becomes complicated and challenging for enterprises of the 21st century, which could not assimilate excessive business costs as an outcome of low productivity (due to employee dissatisfaction and low job morale) and higher employee turnover rate (Morrell et al, 2001). The paper will remain specific to the discussion of issues faced by organisations in employee resourcing and their implications. The researcher will critically evaluate and analyse the core issues with reference to existing literature as well as provide practical examples to comprehend this topic. The researcher will then demonstrate the procedures that could facilitate in employee resourcing. Finally, the researcher will present conclusions and discuss some useful recommendations based on his practical exposure and working experience in today’s corporate arena. 2. Analysis Employee Resourcing is a concept that refers to techniques, instruments and procedures used by employers and HR professionals in organizing/resourcing their business units in a manner that could facilitate in target setting and goal accomplishment. Employee resourcing is an extensive process that covers almost all Human Resource Management functions such as staffing, administration, change management, organisational control and performance standards.
. In other words, Raiden et al (2009) have pointed out that Employee resourcing is beneficial for an enterprise because it leads to the creation of a best pool of employees who could adjust themselves in the operational environment and could efficiently utilise organisational resources to meet strategic goals and assigned objectives.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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