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In the paper “The relationship between quantum and incremental technological change” the author analyzes two types of technological changes: quantum and incremental changes. The best examples of quantum technological change are the personal computers and assembly line production…
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The relationship between quantum and incremental technological change
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What is the relationship between quantum and incremental technological change? What are three types ofchange important to organizations? Quantum and incremental changes are two types of technological changes. Quantum technological changes are those drastic changes in technology that lead to the development of a revolutionary product. The change in technology may lead to the production of an entirely new product or lead to a whole different way of producing it. The best examples of quantum technological change are the personal computers and assembly line production. Both the changes brought about a revolution in the respective industries. Quantum technological change makes a huge impact on the organization as it affects the way the organization operates and increases uncertainty. On the other hand, incremental technological change refers to the refinement of the existing products or the way the products are produced. That is, there is a small change or refinement in the existing technology which improves the quality of the product and the process employed in manufacturing. Incremental technological change is more common and follows quantum technological change. An example of this is TQM and series of Intel’s series of microprocessor which followed the initial 4004 microprocessor. 4004 microprocessor is a quantum technological change while the series of microprocessors (improvements to 4004) are incremental technological changes. The relationship between the two can be established from the above discussion. Quantum technological change leads to a new product while incremental technological change betters to product to meet the changing demands (Jones, 2009). What are three types of change important to organizations are: 1. Changes to Human Resources 2. Changes to Functional Resources 3. Changes to Technological Capabilities (Jones, 2009) Works Cited Jones, G. (2009). Organizational Theory Design and Change. NJ: Prentice Hall. Print Read More
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