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The challenges of the HR executive in 2013 - Research Paper Example

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Human Resource Table of Contents Introduction 3 Present status of Human Resource Management in organizations. 4 International and Domestic HRM and how they impact the executives’ strategic thinking 7 Specific recommendations on what needs to change to improve the quality of work life; given reasonable cost constraints…
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The challenges of the HR executive in 2013
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Download file to see previous pages As Indian organizations realize the need for professional HRM, there is a high demand for HR professionals as well. Reports indicate that during 2008 the attrition of HR professional in the growing IT sector is the highest at 20%, while turnover rate for core IT professionals known for high attrition is 18%. Additionally, in many organizations, line professional adopt the role of the HR and that too with great success. The CEOs are concerned about the issues related to people placed by the top leadership in HRM organizations. However, the Accenture report identifies most CEOs, which doubt on the ability of a large section of HR functionaries to be strategic business partners. The reasons behind the failure of organizational leadership is to encourage HR to move to the front lines from their traditional roles as a back-room support and crisis-handler, and the inability of HR function to align with business. With the development of the knowledge industry and recruiting high demand for people, the HR functions started to take a strategic focus. The applicability of HR functions is not only confined to business establishments but also to non-business organizations. Supporters of HRM claimed that the HR manager is a change agent and a transformational leader, and his or her functions are panacea for all organizational ills and social events. Therefore, the term human resource implies to the availability of man power for supply, which can be drawn and used to accomplish a task. Resources appear as a cost in traditional accounting services (Grahamm, 2005, p.5). Present status of Human Resource Management in organizations. HR executive is usually the vice president of an organization. They carry the responsibility of linking the firm’s corporate policy and strategy with HRM. In a weak economy, it is difficult for the hr executives today to reward the employees for their performance. The present condition of the nation’s employment rate remains at 9.1% (Rushe & MacAskill, 2011). Therefore, to improve the nation’s economy HR executives are providing new opportunities to the top technical talent. According to the HR professionals, managing the company’s brand image became challenging role for them to exist in the competitive market. Therefore, the use of internet facilitates the HR executives today to attract and recruit the new talents for their organizations. It also enables the companies to search for talent cutting across time and distance constraints. Using social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedln help the HR executives to connect with the new talents. We can take the example of the LinkedIn, created a small team in their organization, which will focus on only providing opportunities to the prospective employees to work in companies like Mountain View and Calf. In August, Linkedln invited students from different colleges nearby to take active participation in computer programming event organized in their headquarters. The main motive behind this participation in computer programming event was only to give them an exposure in their organization culture and to promote their company to attract the new talents. Now day’s companies are trying to create their presence in social media in order to connect with the new talents. Taking another example of one of the world’s leading professional service organization Ernst & Young ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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