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Diversity at London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympics Games Ltd - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the significance of workforce diversity, and how human resources contribute to LOCOG’s objective of diversity. LOCOG is almost a fully privately financed company that has the duty of preparing and staging the 2012 Olympic Games…
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Diversity at London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympics Games Ltd
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Extract of sample "Diversity at London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympics Games Ltd"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that diversity in the workforce can be categorized into these two aspects; functional level diversity and surface-level diversity. In today’s world firms need innovative ideas to sustain and flourish, a diverse workforce provides the proficiency to generate superb ideas for the company’s success. In order for LOCOG to stage a game for everyone, the corporation has the mandate to create a truly inclusive culture where diversity is valued and celebrated. Diversity is a fundamental part of the 2012 games and must remain at the heart of everything LOCOG does. Recruitment and development skills are critical components of achieving diversity objectives. LOCOG will establish the desired level of diversity for our workforce, suppliers, officials, and spectators, only by welcoming the world. Diversity management The human resource department can help LOCOG attain the vision of diversity by recruiting the workforce that is truly diverse, this workforce has to incorporate all strands of diversity in disability, age, ethnicity, faith, and belief. The department should also regularly communicate the vision of diversity and inclusion to the workforce and stakeholders. The human resource department should also provide the workforce with the necessary tools that will enable them to integrate diversity and inclusion in their everyday work. Diversity management can help a LOCOG attain its mission in the following ways: 1. It will create a competitive advantage for the organization; members can provide the organization with knowledge resources. Diversity also produces a flexible, proactive and energized institution. 2. The organization will become more knowledgeable of the diverse customers; diverse members can understand and help customers who are similar to them. 3. Customers feel more comfortable when dealing with members of the organization, who seem similar to them, and that makes the customer feel an identity with the organization members. 4. Complex tasks usually require complex and collective input. This requires knowledge resources like skills information and different perspectives that can be provided by diverse members. 5. Diversity management will help LOCOG in increasing problem solving by providing a knowledge resource, diverse members can provide novel approaches, information, and immensely perspectives in the solving of the organizations’ problems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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