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Consumer Orientation of Public Hospital Websites - Case Study Example

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The paper focuses on Customers seeking information about the services offered at a health facility and the quality of those services mostly turn to the home page on the hospital's website. According to Angel and Martin Fuentes, more than 100 million Americans go online regularly…
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Consumer Orientation of Public Hospital Websites
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Extract of sample "Consumer Orientation of Public Hospital Websites"

Download file to see previous pages Reliance on websites for health information has grown steadily given the increase in international trade. Different hospitals have employed different strategies when developing their websites to meet the needs of their clients. Texas hospital website has two distinct sections, patients and families section and a section for the health professional (Texas Children’s Hospital, 2012). The website carries popup messages where the purpose of the hospital is described as ‘to heal the child’. Moreover, the pop-up messages advertise the services offered by the hospital and describe its commitment to superior services ‘now delivering miracles’. The websites give a guarantee to the clients that its specialists are always advancing their pediatric care daily to ensure their services are up-to-date to emerging medical concerns. On the Texas Children Hospital website, patients can find a specific doctor, view their professional qualifications and book an appointment (Texas Children’s Hospital, 2012).
Moreover, customers can view all the departments or services offered and the time one can assess such services. Additionally, the specific location of such services well described and the professionals working in that department. This gives assurance to the customers that they receive quality services from accredited caregivers. Given that previous health, the record is important for future visits to Texas Children Hospital or another hospital. Texas Children’s Hospital has an account for parents to access the health record of the children. Stanford Hospitals and Clinics have developed a website to serve their international customers. Under the international medical services section, Stanford Hospital describes that it offers superior services to its customers pointing out that patients from different parts of the world travel to the hospital annually (Stanford Hospitals and Clinics, 2012). This is a strategy to give confidence to a patient in a dilemma either to go treatment at Stanford or seek treatment in their local country where the hospital assures them that it is worthwhile to make a trip to Stanford Hospital. The hospital promises its international visitors individualized care that is able to meet the needs of the patients and their families before and after treatment. The hospital has a personal patient coordinator who in addition to arranging for a patient’s visit to the hospital organizes for their stay at in San Francisco Bay Area (Stanford Hospitals and Clinics, 2012). This demonstrates a commitment to customer service. The hospital website outlines the services offered by hospital including identifying a specific doctor to meet the medical needs of the patients and interpretation of languages which is a strategy to ensure that some patients do not feel left out. To ensure that patients prepare themselves for the visit, they are given an estimate of their medical bills.
Patients can book for appointments online thereby reducing time wastage when traveling for treatment. At Phuket International Hospital, offering services to patients from diverse backgrounds has led the hospital to employ international staff. At this hospital, the management recognized the importance of effective diagnosis and, therefore, the language barrier is dealt with by ensuring that the employees speaking a variety of languages. The hospital helps its patients make insurance claims and liaises with the embassy, family doctor to ensure that all the needs of the customers are addressed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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