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Globalization and the Politics of Resistance - Essay Example

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In the paper “Globalization and the Politics of Resistance” the author focuses on the history of globalization which would reflect upon various factors that influenced people to exchange goods or services across the globe. Globalization is the mechanism of integration and interaction among individuals…
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Globalization and the Politics of Resistance
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Extract of sample "Globalization and the Politics of Resistance"

Download file to see previous pages Technological developments and policy formulation that took place in last few decades have increased cross-border investment, migration, and trade. This change was observed as a new phase by people in the context of economic development. The world trade volume since 1950 was enhanced by 20 times. In between 1997 and 1999 foreign investment flows had doubled, to almost $827 billion from $468 billion. Thomas Friedman even stated in his studies that current globalization wave is different from earlier one. He is indicated today globalization to be farther, cheaper, deeper and faster. The present globalization wave is highly driven by policies that facilitated open economy internationally and domestically. Since the Second World War and in the past few decades the government has implemented the system of a free-market economy (Bayly, 2004). This has resulted into own productive potential and even created opportunities for international investment and trade. There have also been negotiations in relation to barrier reductions and formulation of international agreements in order to promote trade in the investment, goods, and services. Organizations usually take advantage of foreign market opportunities and have developed marketing or production arrangements and foreign factories with foreign partners. Globalization hence can be defined as financial business and international industrial structure. Technology is another element that is a principal globalization driver (Rosenberg, 2005). Information technology advancements have brought forth significant changes to economic life. This kind of advancement has provided all economic actors like businesses, investors or consumers with tools for exploring or identifying economic opportunities. It even encompasses more informed and rapid economic trend analysis, easy asset transfer, and collaboration with foreign partners. There are numerous arguments raised against globalization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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