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Hitlers Table Talk, 1941 1944: His Private Conversations - Term Paper Example

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The author analyzes "Hitler’s table talk, 1941 – 1944: His private conversations" book. This book contains private conversations with his aides from 1941 – 1944 and provides insight about the views and opinions of Hitler and also his dominant character and personality traits…
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Hitlers Table Talk, 1941 1944: His Private Conversations
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Extract of sample "Hitlers Table Talk, 1941 1944: His Private Conversations"

Download file to see previous pages The priests threaten people with punishment and face dire consequences if they refuse to accept the doctrine imposed by these priests. He further supports his point of view with examples of how elders successfully instill fear in a child.
The previous conversations contain the arguments that he wanted to give in order support of his viewpoint. In the last paragraphs, he strongly asserts that Russians have no Supreme Being or God and yet they die. Hence, there is no need to educate a person to be an atheist (Cameron & Stevens 5 – 6). This conversation reflects his strong persona and the power of expression. Hitler was one of the most charismatic leaders and his conversations intrigued people. He had the art to captivate the audience and very successfully make others believe in what he actually wanted to achieve. The small conversation he had on this night proves this point.
Obersalzberg is a place where Hitler’s mountain residence, the Berghof was located. Situated near the Austrian border this quaint plateau had a picturesque landscape. Hitler spent his time to find solutions to his problems. His house, the Berghof is the place where he has taken many important decisions. Hitler goes on to mention that he finds it easier to find a solution when he considers the problem somewhere else. According to him, his house at Obersalzberg is the perfect location which helped him to carefully think and strategize. This shows that he had a certain pride for this place and he loved the solace at home. It helped him to think of ideas and work accordingly. He provides a lucid sketch of the first election campaign and the strategy he adopted to defeat the rival party.
Heinrich Hoffman was Hitler’s official photographer. Hoffman perhaps had the best collection of Hitler’s photographs.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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