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The paper 'Hitler’s Table Talk' focuses on the statement which is in direct contradiction with Hitler’s attitudes and the policies of the Third Reich. Women were sent home from jobs, and forced to stay home due to moral or financial manipulation, and told to be a fruitful womb for the Nazi’s…
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Hitlers Table Talk
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When he first became Chancellor of Germany in the early 1930s, Hitler declared Christianity was the foundation of German society. He spent the rest of his life promoting National Socialism which was hostile towards religion, he eroded the rights of all churches, persecuted the Jewish people, gradually began to suppress the rights of evangelical Christians and Catholics—ending denominational and youth organizations, prohibiting denominational schools, and widely defaming and imprisoning clergy of the Christian church who refused to be silent about the truth.
 Hitler solved the Jewish question with the “Final Solution”, not only in Germany but across Western Europe. He makes this statement as if he were speaking from a table in a country that is not at war, which is not taking over other countries, with plans to take over even more. Every country occupied by the Third Reich saw imprisonment, repression, and extermination of the Jewish citizens who lived there. In a speech in 1939, he said, “Workers of all classes and of all nations, recognize your common enemy! The common enemy was the Jewish race. 
The context of this statement was in relation to research remaining free of any state restrictions. In that context, I agree with the statement. Taken out of context, the truth can be evil; especially in relation to Hitler’s views that he was the only truth when it came to the promotion of National Socialism and the eradication of the Jewish people.
I find this surprising given the fact that Hitler hated America and all things American. In one conversation he ridiculed America’s reliance on the gold standard; he stated that America would fail due to its reliance on commerce from within while aiding other countries with goods. Read More
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