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Hitlers - Research Paper Example

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There is no evil truth. There is no good truth either. Merely, only the perception or discernment of the truth is. Truth is merely that which is true or is in accord with reality, the state of which things really exist…
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Research hitlers
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Extract of sample "Hitlers"

Jerry Ciacho May 10, “Truth is never evil.” In my honest opinion, I believe that truth is never evil. There is no evil truth. There is no good truth either. Merely, only the perception or discernment of the truth is. Truth is merely that which is true or is in accord with reality, the state of which things really exist. It purely means the perception of it is.
"There are plenty of Jews with blue eyes and blond hair.”
I find it surprising that many people typify all Jews to have dark eyes and hair, but in fact, being a Jew has nothing to do with genetics. In Africa, Jews are dark-skinned and have thick hair. Jews in China look like any Asian person. The same goes in any other country. The fact that some Jews at birth is not at all associated with genetics. The only other way to become a Jew is conversion so this should not be a surprise that there are Jews with blue eyes and blonde hair.
"I don’t interfere in matters of belief.”
This is surprising to me as it is very contradictory to what he actually did. He interfered with the lives of the Jews because of his belief in a perfect race. He strongly desired a “perfect race” and by attempting to do this, he has killed about seventy million Jewish people during his rule in Germany, believing that, “we [Germans] shall regain our health only by eliminating the Jews.” By “decontaminating” Germany, Hitler was one step ahead in achieving his ideal “super race.” Therefore, I definitely disagree with this quote because he did the exact opposite of what he just said.
“In the economic field we can learn much from the United States.”
During both World War I and II, Europe’s economy and Asia’s economy was going extremely downhill. There was so much destruction. However, the United States, although it interfered in wars of other countries, the country in itself did not face a drastic decline of the economy. Therefore, I strongly agree with this quote, considering the situation and condition of the worldwide economy during the time.
"I don’t want to force National Socialism on anybody.”
National socialism, or Nazism, was a unique fascist ideology practiced in Germany during the 1st and 2nd World War. I partly agree with this quote, as Hitler did not force Nazism on anybody, except the Jews. The Germans inspired by Hitler and with the same goal to bring Germany back to power, joined Hitler. Together, they were the ones who fervently desired to help Germany get back on its feet after World War I and the great worldwide Great Depression.
“A war-leader is what I am against my own will.”
I personally disagree with this quote of Hitler. Again, it is very contradictory to the reality. Being a war leader was against his will, but it was his very will that turned him into a war leader not just in Germany, but he was a war leader that was known throughout the world. In fact, he is considered as one of the most notorious war leaders in history. He, with his Nazi Germans, were greatly involved in the First World War and instigated and spurred the beginning of the Second World War.
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Hitler, Adolf, and Hugh Trevor Roper. Hitlers Table Talk . 3rd ed. New York: Enigma Books,
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