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Hitler's non-traditional weapons of Wold War 2. I.E. other than Guns, Planes, Tanks, Bombs, Gas and rockets - Term Paper Example

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Most of the inventions are the conventional artillery and machines used in warfare including guns, fighter jets, tankers, armored vehicles, submarines and more…
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Hitlers non-traditional weapons of Wold War 2. I.E. other than Guns, Planes, Tanks, Bombs, Gas and rockets
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"Hitler's non-traditional weapons of Wold War 2. I.E. other than Guns, Planes, Tanks, Bombs, Gas and rockets"

Download file to see previous pages Most of these were conventional weapons although some were an exaggerated show of might while others were discovered accidentally such as certain nerve gas weapons that had potential to be extremely damaging but never saw use in the war. Others still proved very effective in achieving set objectives of destruction and advancing the war in Germany’s favor. However, it was none of these conventional weapons that caused the most devastation. It was neither of them that made Hitler so feared and loathed in an equal measure. The non-traditional weapons gave Hitler an iron grip on those working under him during his reign (Welsch, 1998).
Hitler was a master at using terror to intimidate as well as garner admiration from his followers. On more than one occasion he overruled and even had killed those he viewed as being disloyal to him or being incompetent for tasks assigned. For instance, during the advance of soviet troops toward Berlin, Goring, who tried to assume leadership from Hitler who was besieged in Berlin was ordered arrested and was removed from all positions in government. During the same period, Himmler was trying to negotiate terms of surrender with forces allied to the west. When Hitler discovered this, he had him arrested and had his representative Fegelein shot (Bullock, 1962). Hitlers promise of a more united and integrated society earned his admiration from his followers, but the reality was that he brokered deals with whomever he felt necessary to achieve his goals. Hitler got political mileage from the fact that he disregarded prior treaties and brokered deals that prevented him from achieving his goals (Welsch, 1998). Despite promising a united nation, he felt that other ethnic groups within Germany were enemies and were a stain on a potentially pure German race. His anti-Semitic views fuelled his policies and his hatred for the Jews led to one of World history’s worst mass killing acts to date; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Hitler's Non-Traditional Weapons of Wold War 2. I.E. Other Than Guns, Term Paper)
Hitler's Non-Traditional Weapons of Wold War 2. I.E. Other Than Guns, Term Paper.
“Hitler's Non-Traditional Weapons of Wold War 2. I.E. Other Than Guns, Term Paper”, n.d.
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