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La Belle Epoque 1900-1914 - Essay Example

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The film on La belle époque documents the events that took place in Paris between 1871 and 1914 after the end of the end of the France vs. German war of 1870/71…
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La Belle Epoque 1900-1914
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"La Belle Epoque 1900-1914"

Download file to see previous pages The working conditions were improved with the rise of labor unions and this made it possible to coexist peacefully.
Regarding losers and winners, it was expected for gender equality issues to surface. Women were primary winners as they for the first time were allowed to work in factories and also to form their liberation movements. Besides equalization and factory safety for all professions, the right to vote was claimed by everybody as evident during voting exercise in the video. France also won as it achieved great strides in technology and military advancement in Europe. As with losers, the world leaders who were strong peace advocates became losers as the 1st World War startedright away (Grapevine, 2014).
As with transformations, various changes are evident in urban development, gender equality, and to technology. During the La Belle, major urban development took place that shows the rise of icons such as Eiffel tower to surface (Grapevine, 2014). The nature of manufacturing work also evolved. The proceeding production became split between mechanization and rationalization. Consequently, the formerly hard to treat diseases could now be treated leading to the decline of infant mortality and a substantial increase in life expectancy.
Whereas it is not apparent how long the period was, it is estimated to have lasted for less than 15 years. The La Belle époque did not last, but it was a short period of prosperity and transformation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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