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The theme commonly emphasises on concepts of speed and movement as aspects of future technological development. Paths of movement presents an impression…
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Italian Futurism(1909-1944)
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Download file to see previous pages This has created the sequence which has been utilised in identifying the painting among many other paintings presenting Italian futurism.
Much of the futuristic artwork has been developed following numerous attributes contained within French traditional paintings. They have borrowed many artistic elements from French art during the same period. Within this painting by Giacomo Balla, several French art designs appear. Though the fundamental focus of the Italian painting is on technological development elements of divisionism and cubism, which characterise French art, are present. The painter has however tried to transform these elements to make the work become increasingly original. The colour utilised in the painting conceals most of the linear elements which would define divisionism. The utilisation of painting rather than drawing, which commonly has lines, creates an impression of originality in the paths of movement painting.
Futuristic painters commonly admired speed and technology; hence they constantly painted images like the one presented in the paths of movement. The aspect of movement within these paintings is presented differently and communicated through various characteristics of traditional French painting. The manner in which the painters present their works can be utilised in defining their painting style and communicating their message through the paintings. Balla combines various elements with immense mastery and understanding of the characteristics defining the element of motion. Many of these attributes remain concealed in the paths of movement, although they are present within the painting. The aspect of concealing these attributes creates a unique image which can describe the difference between Balla and his predecessors.
The element of cubism within the painting has been utilised in trying to represent and add a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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