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The sculpture was made in the form of fluid and aerodynamics of some sort. There are two blocks underneath upon which the figure stands in a movement posture. This figure is…
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Comparison history paper
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Download file to see previous pages This was the indication of the unique forms of continuity in space. It makes part of the sculptures that Boccioni made during the 1913 era of art. It is a form of the moving beings without bipedal structures like the arms (Boccioni, paragraph 4). The continuity here is represented in that the sculpture was in a movement position where all the indicators in it showed the walking athlete while the figure lacked the arms. This showed determination in walking into the future. The sculpture was an indication of a futuristic muscular ma with a lot of determination to pursue into the dreams of the future world. The movements as depicted in the sculpture are very swift and enthusiastic to meet the future.
The face of the sculpture was made in a symbol of a cross which was an indication that there was a foreseen futurist warlord in the times to come. The futuristic representation by the artifacts was a mode of revealing to the world and the Italian culture the possibilities of the wars in future cultural settings. The wing-like arms seem to be in the position of the arms on the figure which was an indication of the unfinished part of the sculpture as it is revealed that Boccioni was not intending to reveal anything of educational value to the societies of the world. It is shown that the two figures that he made in the futuristic unique forms of continuity, in space, together or rather combined with their immediate environments. This can only show that the immediate environments are depicted in the figure, and this was an archeological evidence of the surrounding environments where the figure was sculpted (Boccioni, paragraph 5).
The configuration of the figure indicates some swift sharp corners in the panels in its knees, thighs, and chest and head carving, which were the parameters to involve the air movement past the standing statues. It is clear that the air or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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