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Early Modern Japan - Essay Example

1. Give three reasons why Satsuma and Choshu emerged as the leading domains after 1864.
Both domains were relatively large, and also had large numbers of samurai. Both had also engaged in various financial reforms previously to 1864, and were wealthy compared to most other domains. Finally, because of their relative distance from the capital and Edo, they were able to remain politically apart from most of the problem facing other domains.
2. Describe the different points of view set forth by the "pragmatists," the "Confucianists," and the Mito School before the coming of Perry.
The Confucianists during this period argued for a form of government set forth by Confucius in ancient China. This was responsible for the importance of revering the emperor and the strict separation of the people into various classes. The Mito School, while similar to Confucianism, argued that the nation of Japan was an ideal nation because it was unified under the Emperor. In the later Tokugawa, they focused most of their philosophy on the importance of revering the emperor and throwing off foreign influence. Pragmatists generally used common sense observations of Western power to argue that, if it wanted to stay a sovereign nation, Japan needed to Westernize itself in order to defend itself.
9. Explain Tokugawa Nariaki's clever plan to have his son appointed shogun even though by tradition Mito men had never been appointed shogun.
To get around this tradition, Nariaki had his son adopted into the Hitotsubashi

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Explain which early Tokugawa reforms did the most to stabilize Japan and perpetuate Tokugawa rule
The first set of reforms is related with the social order, which was established in Japan throughout that period. The other set of reforms is related to external relations and trade, and the transition to economic seclusion in Japan under the Tokugawa dynasty.
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Compare and Contrast Early 20th century China and Japan as revealed in Kokoro and The True Story of Ah Q
However, to the son it is just a normal thing in the city of Tokyo Japan to be a graduate since many had done the same. As depicted by the happiness in the father due to the graduating of the son, this seems to be a transition period where more graduates are beginning to secure their graduation in comparison to the old system where there were few.
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The main islands that make up Japan are, Kyushu, Hokkaido, Honshu and Shikoku. Japan is located in the Asian continent neighboring Korea, China and Russia. Japan has its southern most islands lying relatively at the same as Bahamas whereas its northern most islands geographically lies in similar latitude as Portland (kwintessential.co.uk).
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Modern Japan
In view of the effort of the Japanese to consent a peek into their culture developed and gave birth to Japanese business novels. These materials are provided usually to business students for wider understanding of the Japanese business approach. The Japanese business novels were the perfect tool to open an understanding of how Japanese business operated.
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Modern History of Japan
The term zaibatsu was used in the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century and it refers the diversified family enterprises which were established and became prominence during the Meiji Era.
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Modern History of Japan
Meiji Japan had plans on Korea may not be from the economic motives but propelled possibly by strategic considerations. Similar strategic consideration is also the case with the strategy Japan adopted with China. In both the cases, Japan attacked the nations to ensure that it had its way.
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Modern History of Japan
The origin of right-wing activists is therefore geared into addressing the social and economic problems which is brought about by rapid industrialization. This group asserts that the solution
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anslators that western technology came to be developed and improved on in Japan and it is the acquisition of this knowledge that allowed this country to not only develop technologically, but economically as well. The ability of Japan to transform was based on works developed in
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To start with, during the Edo period under Tokugawa, Japan as a country was kept closed to the outside globe. During this period (1603 to 1863), Japan enjoyed a
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In early twentieth century, Meiji died and left Japan with highly educated people and well-developed communication and transport networks. In an attempt to bring together the country and respond to the challenges posed
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branch of the Tokugawa family. Several previous shoguns had come from the Hitotsubashi branch, in contrast to the Mito branch, which was not allowed to provide shoguns. When Yoshinobu became the head of the Hitotsubashi branch of the family, he was a much stronger candidate for the position.


This paper shortly answers on such questions like: what are the three reasons why Satsuma and Choshu emerged as the leading domains after 1864, how might Tokugawa Yoshinobu be considered a "hero" during the final days of the Tokugawa shogunate, what is Ansei Purge, about Meiji reforms and what were the main elements of Mori Arinori's educational reforms…
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Early Modern Japan
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