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The purpose of Christians coming to Japan was to spread Christianity to the Japanese. The Japanese were religious and they had their religious practices, but they were contrary to the Christian teachings. For instance, when the first Christians went to Japan, they found Buddhism as a religious practice that had engulfed the whole society. …
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Japanese Civilization
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Japanese Civilization
The purpose of Christians coming to Japan was to spread Christianity to the Japanese. The Japanese were religious and they had their religious practices, but they were contrary to the Christian teachings. For instance, when the first Christians went to Japan, they found Buddhism as a religious practice that had engulfed the whole society. Many Japanese that Christians interacted with had based their beliefs on Buddhism and the task of Christian missionary was to introduce Christianity among them.
Japanese culture was that the culture had some norms and regulations which each member of the society had to practice. For example, the Japanese culture promoted brotherhood, respect for property, and discipline in the society among other good practices. The cultural practices brought sanity in Japanese community and each individual was accountable for each activity he or she committed to the society. My impression on religious and spiritual atmosphere of the Japanese people is that the Japanese dedicated their lives to their religious practices (Deal 188). Many people believed on religion matters and their effect to the society. This religious inclination influenced the daily practices of the community. Prayer is very important aspect that portrayed their religious nature.
In my opinion Buddhism is a religious practice since it advocated for good morals in the society (Deal 189). On the other hand Shinto was a practice which allowed the believers to incorporate religious or cultural practices from other communities. My relation to the imperial court is that it favored the elites in the society. Shogunate was a practice that promoted dictatorship in the society. The elites had the say in the society. Christians interacted with the commoners because it provides an avenue of spreading Christianity. The nature of interaction is Christian like relationship.
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Deal, E. William. Handbook to life in medieval and early modern Japan. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2007. Print. Read More
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