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The Slavery Debate - Essay Example

Anti-slavery disputes slavery by providing evidence to disapprove it. Slavery on its own seems unnatural. Slavery converts a human being into an object of doing work, and the person works hard on behalf of another person. They are mostly brutally treated and experience much pain.
2. Rebuttal
Pro-slavery (2 minutes) – Slavery trade was approved by God in the Bible, and hence it was not a cruel act. The enslaved people had to do the hard work because they were not fit to do other duties in that, they were not educated and had moved far away from their homeland. They needed to do work to support their living. Slavery also benefited the enslaved people, in that, they received new teaching and wiser knowledge in a new land. They also learnt useful arts.
Anti-slavery (2 minutes) - They rebutted that it is morally wrong for a person to be a slave, because the person toils in vain working for their master, and there is no change in the food they eat, the clothing and the home where they live. They do a lot of hard work with little wages. Age doesn’t matter to be slaves, even the children are included, and they are depleted of their childhood toys and games. They slaves are taken far from their native homes to come and undergo the ruthless boss commands. Most of the slaves die because, of sickness; others can’t stand the harsh climatic conditions.
Pro-slavery (1 minute) Slavery is an inhuman act and those practicing should stop. There are also other alternatives to the slave trade.

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Slavery in the American Colonies
As the report declares various types of racial stereotypes existed in American before the advent of slavery. The use of racial stereotypes upgrades or degrades the value of a group in general and ignores the importance and uniqueness of the individual. Slaves were taken from the disadvantaged black minorities. Slavery is the child of racism. 
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Abraham Lincoln and Slavery
Abraham Lincoln and Slavery How and why did Lincoln’s ideas about slavery evolve from his early political days through his election to the presidency and through the Civil War? Did his ideas about Blacks change at all as his thinking on the institution of slavery evolved?
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The book “The Many-Headed Hydra” shed light on the slavery in the context of capitalism and race. Political crises in the England in the middle of the XVII century produced debates that had justified the slavery not by the race, but by the class. The development of the slavery in Atlantic region created conditions for the appearance of capitalism.
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Compare and contrast
One of the factors that made the debate to attract the prolific attention was the human rights issue attached to the debate as applied by the abolitionists. While slavery was observed as a major boost to the economic integrity of the American people,
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Examine the proslavery arguments. Why did white southerners change their perception from believing slavery to be a necessary evil to believing it to be a positive good Discuss the fact that, by 1850, the national debate on slavery had changed from being
The southern white society feared that the emancipation of black slaves would create more harmful economic and social havocs than the evil of slavery. Therefore even though slavery is an
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Less than seventy-five years after the ratification of the Constitution, the United States was at war with itself, for four long and brutal years. The road to the American Civil War was thus a relatively short one. During the years leading up to cont
this crucial debate, but the uneasy union survived at least until the election of Abraham Lincoln as president who was against slavery but not abolitionist (Kidwell 2000, 171). This forced the Deep South States to secede calling for Lincoln’s intervention to save the union.
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Discuss the nature of slavery
The most fatal form of slavery is known as forced marriage in which the debt holder is forced to give his women or men in exchange for
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Many were not allowed any freedoms and conditions were inhumane. Some may argue that freedom was not as important a development in the history of the US. However, it is clear that the African Americans were acquiring many skills but their implementation was
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John Browns importance in the antebellum slavery debate
John Brown will be a great ally in accomplishing this task. His words, his work, and reputation have sparked the conscious of so many and if he is to die, then we know he dies a martyr. Already comparisons have been made comparing this man to
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Abraham Lincoln, Charleston Debate
He is concerned that the southern states continue to use slaves whereas the Constitution guarantees their freedom. He is concerned by the fact that Douglas wants slavery laws to rest with
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This paper represents a debate presentation plan about the history and aspects of slavery. The writer looks at the pro-slavery and anti-slavery, each of them is a particular point of view of the problem. The plan is structured and includes opening, rebuttal, and closing.
Author : kutchterrill
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The Slavery Debate
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