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The writer of this paper attempts to review the video, titled "Culture Shock" and briefly discuss the main points of the video. The video is showing the history in the world of the writing industry. The narration also reflects on slavery during the olden days in US. …
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"Culture Shock"

A brief introduction is given explaining various historic times and ceremonies practiced in towns. Later on, Clements, one of the re-known authors is discussed. His brief life script is narrated in the video, showing the history in the world of the writing industry. The narration also reflects on slavery during the olden days. It is stated that the author had no idea of what harm slavery caused the people during those days. Women were the most affected gender in the acts of slavery. Racism was also recognized as intense among the white people. They discriminated the black people and separated themselves from them. This stimulated slavery. Amongst Americans too, divisions were found to exist. There was one major river, which was known to be the most important river in America and that separated the Eastern from the Western part of America. This marked the boundary between the rich and the poor. Rich Americans did not value the less fortunate Americans and this created great distance between the two groups. This clearly displays a split society with no sense of unity. This was a result of poor governance in America. Children suffered from child abuse by ruthless parents and no actions were taken against all the offenses committed. However, any black that went against the rules of the state was severely punished. This is another incidence of discrimination. However, all this changed with time and people living in America got the freedom to speak out regardless of their color. Read More
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