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Egyptomania - Essay Example

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The essay "Egyptomania" analyzes Egyptomania which was the time Europeans developed a renewed interest in ancient Egypt after intensive research of ancient Egypt culture and history. Ancient Egypt has a certain fascination with other cultures, and there is a big discussion about its cultural affairs…
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Download file to see previous pages Egyptomania mainly covers Egypt’s history, its race, state of arts, and the ancient commodities that were dealt in ancient Egypt. Appropriation in Contemporary Art in the Modern Culture Appropriation is the act of borrowing and reusing ancient Egypt’s art in modern culture either to pay tribute or to remember the past. Images of the Egyptian culture include well recognize arts, literature, and images without manipulating their form but by simply capturing them. This results in influence to the modern culture of the arts their architecture popular in the form of pyramid pictures some on the American Dollar. Egyptian themes are incorporated in modern day Islamic religions that are mostly decorated with Egyptian murals. The ancient Egypt is still among us as much of the philosophy originated there from the great philosophers such as Hermes Trismegistus and other ancient elite men from Egypt. These philosophers are believed to have invented world religion that spread all over the world due to the activities of movement and interaction habits of ancient Egyptians. Why and How Are Egyptian Motifs Being Appropriated One of the reasons artists choose to appropriate Egyptian motifs is that they are great pieces of work from an ancient creative world. This appropriation has seen its influence in the art of architecture around the world. It is believed that Egypt is still the influence of modern architecture in building as they were the first ones to come up with imperial building designs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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