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How socio/economic & political & other factors influenced religion in at least three ancient societies/civilizations - Essay Example

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They were a part of a wider society. They were an agricultural society, and the Nile River was the source of water and irrigation that made ancient…
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How socio/economic & political & other factors influenced religion in at least three ancient societies/civilizations
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"How socio/economic & political & other factors influenced religion in at least three ancient societies/civilizations"

Download file to see previous pages To maintain law and order, authority had to be established in the forms of Kingdoms headed by divine rulers and by 3000 BCE small local kingdoms had been established. These Kingdoms united the people of Egypt.
Trading activities were established as early as 4000 BCE. For instance by 3100 BCE King Menes had established a cultural and political centre in Memphis near Cairo. 1These encouraged the growth of religious activities. The development of iron too influenced the growth of religion. After 1000 BCE Egyptians produced iron in large quantities. Iron was used to construct images of gods. The Nile River was a means of transport while local transport was facilitated by the use of wheeled vehicles and donkey caravans. Transport led to long distance trade and as Egyptians traded with other societies they got exposed to religious influences. As with any economy, transport the exportation of labor and trade leads to economic growth and enhanced interaction between different people. These factors catalyzed the advancement of religion in ancient Egypt.
Ancient Egypt is among the earliest civilizations to discover writing. The discovery of writing had a profound effect in the development of religion. By 3200 BCE writing was evident in Egypt in the form of pictographic. 2This was soon followed by the use of symbols in temples. In particular the papyrus weed found on the shores of the Nile River was very influential in the advancement of writing. It not only facilitated writing but helped in the preservation of written materials. Other than religion papyrus reeds were also used for administrative, commercial and literary purposes. Between 2600 and 600 BCE Egyptians were already using hieratic scripts. Education was valued and seen as a means to a decent, comfortable, and dignified lifestyle. The advancement of education influenced the growth of religion since it allowed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How socio/economic & Political & Other Factors Influenced Religion in Essay.
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