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Judeal refers to Jews while Bo theism referred to communism that includes Russia, Pakistan, and Spain. Hitler believed that every communist was a Jew and every Jew was a…
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Lecture 5 Summary
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Foreign policy in Nazi Germany in 1930s The foreign policy was developed in Germany because theyneeded living space as well as the Judeal Bo theism. Judeal refers to Jews while Bo theism referred to communism that includes Russia, Pakistan, and Spain. Hitler believed that every communist was a Jew and every Jew was a communist. To Hitler, Bo theism and Judaism meant the same thing. Hitler believed that communism was an ideology that the Jews wanted to use to rule and subdue the western countries. Communists wanted to use Jews conspiracy to fool people from the western to believe them. They could use good promises especially concerning wealth ownership for people to believe in them. Communists had already exerted their rule over other countries in the past year that is why Hitler feared that Germany could be taken over especially during the Great depression.
Hitler believed that foe Germany to become a super power; they needed to expand their borders into other countries. They concentrated mostly on the East for expansion. Hitler also wanted to overturn a peace treaty that ended the First World War. Hitler concentrated on Germany to become a superpower.
Hitler felt that he was good enough to focus on his foreign policy in 1934. Hitler and his army moved to western Germany in 1936. It was hard to overthrow Hitler because his army was faithful to him and he had contributed to Germany’s economic growth. His subjects believed that he was the best leader to bring Germany to the status that it required.
Germany formed an alliance with Italy because both were unhappy with the results of World War 1. They wanted to come up with a new world order to oppose the existing international order. Hitler wished to make a strong Germany state in central Europe to combine Austria to the south and Germany to the north. Hitler was a great winner in the theme of foreign policy that was applied in 1930s. Germany invaded other countries like Czech Slovakia that did not have Germans. Hitler’s foreign policy and inversion to other countries led to World War II. Read More
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