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Classroom Instructional Strategy - Essay Example

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Teaching is a concept that has been carried since the human being came into existence. A child starts learning when he is born. Learning never ends, it continues till a person die. The forms of learning do change as a person goes through his life. When a child is born he learns from his parents later he is admitted in a school and learns there…
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Classroom Instructional Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages Student uses his thinking, learning, and practical skills to follow a course of study or a lesson plan that is being implemented by the teacher. The term teacher's pedagogy is used to refer to the different teaching methods that a teacher will use. When a teacher determines the method of instructions there are a number of factors he or she has to consider these are:
Another important aspect is the teacher's ability to deal with the different abilities of the students and the disabilities of the students. Sometimes the teacher has to do more than just teaching in the classroom that is going with students to field trips, supervise study halls, help in organizing school functions, and act as a supervisor in extra curricular activities.
There is a possibility that a teacher while teaching might use a combination of some of these 13 ways. Though a combination might not necessary be more effective but in most of the cases it is. Another way a teacher can teach is by implementing every method not in the same class but in different sessions, meaning that in one session the teacher uses Lecture accompanied by a discussion and in his next session in the same class he can use Case Studies. As said before a combination would be more effective I will use a combination of method 2, 8 and 13. ...
Another way a teacher can teach is by implementing every method not in the same class but in different sessions, meaning that in one session the teacher uses Lecture accompanied by a discussion and in his next session in the same class he can use Case Studies. As said before a combination would be more effective I will use a combination of method 2, 8 and 13. That is using Lectures accompanied by a discussion including feed back sessions and Presentation to explain things in a much a better way.
Selected Teaching Method
I choose these three methods due to a couple of reason. The first being that a lecture might be boring but in fact an effective listener can understand a concept much better when things are explained to him with examples during a lecture. Apart from this he can make notes while a lecture is being delivered, this helps a student in revising the matter he studied in the classroom. A discussion after the lecture makes sure in telling the teacher that how much the students learnt and what part was difficult for them. Feed back sessions not only tell the teacher how much the student has learnt but also help a student in realizing how well he or she is doing in a subject and what amount of effort he needs to put in the future. Presentations help a student in noting down important concepts of the course. Apart from this presentations help in teaching as it is said computer aided teaching has always been handy for a teacher as well as the student.
Now I will discuss the advantages of these teaching methods and how must a teacher prepare for these methods.
Lecture with Discussion
This method makes sure that the students are involved in what is going on in the class, students can also raise questions and queries on things that they don't ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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