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Primary Source Analysis - Essay Example

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Karl Marx created the source because he had been commissioned to write a statement of the collective principles of the communist league, which he formed in his endeavor to bring revolution and change in German. This league comprised of working class parties which came together…
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Primary Source Analysis
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Primary Source Analysis Insert Insert The communist manifesto Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels 1998 Location: Website. https//
Karl Marx created the source because he had been commissioned to write a statement of the collective principles of the communist league, which he formed in his endeavor to bring revolution and change in German. This league comprised of working class parties which came together to address their grievances with capitalism and ways they would address the problem. The different class of people in the society is what led to the formation of the league and finally the making of the statement, which become the communist manifesto (Cowling & Marx, 1998).
Marx states that in every society there are classes, of the rulers and the ruled. Class struggles arise when the rulers exploit the ruled leading to the negative relationship they share. When the exploitation has become too much the ruled struggle to get power, and finally they become victors because they are many. Therefore, he points out that history is dynamic and progressive in the sense that has power changes hands from the rulers to the ruled, history changes and progress is achieved. He also describes the modern material world of the bourgeois, which is the most progressive class in terms of material things like technology, private property, communication and transportation (Marx & Engels, 1948).
They value money, and therefore they oppress the proletarians who are the workers. The workers receive no pay and, therefore, suffer. Even internationally, the bourgeois trade unfairly by buying at a very cheap price but selling very expensively. The proletarians suffer and decide to struggle for power but at first, they fail because they are not united. Finally, they take over power because they become united against the bourgeois with the support of a few bourgeois. He advocates for the abolition of the private property because it is the cause of exploitation and class struggles (Marx & Engels, 1948).
These will lead to a classless society which private property belongs to the state. In this context, the reader is left to find out other ways of eliminating the exploitation of the ruled in the society and how we can be part of the change the society we live in. we should not sit and wait for someone to come from outside to bring the change we want. The change should come from within. Unity brings change.
Das Kapital is another source by Karl Marx that supports the communist manifesto by highlighting the plight of the worker and their relationship with capitalists. This work shows how much workers are exploited in this state of capitalism (Wheen, 2007). The capitalist only pay worker their value even after making a profit. He states that capitalism is unstable and cannot sustain a profit, thus supporting his communist views. This source is very reliable and can be used in the study of history because Karl mark’s ideas have shaped history all over the world and people can read this source not to be converted but to critically think about the subject and form their own opinion to improve and shape history (Wheen, 2007).
Cowling, M., & Marx, K. (1998). The Communist manifesto. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
Marx, K., & Engels, F. (1948). Manifesto of the Communist party. New York: International Publishers.
Wheen, F. (2007). Marxs Das Kapital. New York, N.Y.: Atlantic Monthly Press. Read More
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(Primary Source Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 5)
Primary Source Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 5.
“Primary Source Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 5”, n.d.
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