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From the beginning, it is clear that Titan Cronus gets the power of controlling Olympus by slaying his father, a sky god Ouranos (Drama, 2015). The furiously wounded Ouranos prophesize that Cronus…
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Zeus: Clash of Gods Power Struggle in “Clash of the Gods” The “Clash of the gods” reveals power struggle as the main point of interest. From the beginning, it is clear that Titan Cronus gets the power of controlling Olympus by slaying his father, a sky god Ouranos (Drama, 2015). The furiously wounded Ouranos prophesize that Cronus will similarly face an overthrown by one of his children. Gae also gives a similar sentiment, which makes Cronus use the most extreme measure to ensure he remains in power. Consequently, Cronus had all his children imprisoned in Tartarus, which is the most dismal part of the Olympian underworld called Hades. It depicts a desperate means of maintaining the status quo and ensuring that the prophecy does not come to pass (Gervais & Henrich, 2010).
Rhea, the wife of Cronus, is very appalled. Therefore, she conceals her sixth pregnancy from Cronus and give birth to Zeus in a secretive manner. She then gave up Zeus for safekeeping by Gae, who hides the baby Zeus in Dicte cave and other god attend to Zeus. Gervais and Henrich (2010) posit that the section shows a conspiracy of the gods, Gae and Rhea, which brings a sharp twist to Cronus plan to maintain power. In the power struggle, there must be a collusion by the trusted people around the ruler to orchestrate the ruler’s fall.
Surprisingly, Zeus grew into adulthood with a motive to take revenge on his father for the misdeeds. The first plan Zeus does is to set his siblings at Tartarus as well as three Cyclopes together with other three Hekatoncheires. All the prisoners Cronus had imprisoned come out gun blazing to finish him. The Cyclopes then taught Zeus how to maximize his energy and use it in the battle. Eventually, Zeus and his allies lead a war against the Titans that ends with Zeus becoming the ruler of Olympus after imprisoning most of the male Titans. Clearly, Cronus overthrow happens just as predicted. LaMothe (2009) agrees that the other gods play a very important role in wedging war and effecting the eventual fall of Cronus.
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