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US History Questions - Assignment Example

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participate in this movement? Under what auspices did the U.S. acquire territory, and how did the U.S. treat those territories? Explain.
Answer: Imperialism is defined as a nation’s expansion over other lands…
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US History Questions
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"US History Questions"

Download file to see previous pages The causes of the New Imperialism were economic, political and cultural causes. The economic causes involved the Western powers who were looking for sources for raw materials to run their factories. They were also looking for a future market to sell their manufactured goods and the Western bankers were looking for places to gain more profits. On the political front these Western powers were anxious for power and hence they believed that more land ownership meant more power. Having more land and colonies was also considered to be a status symbol; it showed strength and prestige of a nation. The cultural causes that led to Imperialism were the beliefs of the Western leaders. They believed that the best and strongest nation comes out only after they have faced struggle. Some racists believed that some races were better and superior to others. Some European leaders believed they had a duty to help and educate the African and Asian people. By the end of the 1800s the United States also took part in the Imperialism and colonial takeover. They defeated a Spanish fleet in Manila Bay and took over Philippines. They took over this territory claiming it was their obligation to civilize other parts and other people of the world. Americans had hidden motives behind this takeover. They eyed the Philippines as a stepping stone to reach the Chinese markets and they were also trying to prevent Japan to take charge of the area. United States did not treat those territories like they should have; they did not treat them morally like they claimed they would.
This unit of our class examined the Progressive Era and World War I. Whether we were discussing world events or domestic problems (social problems, class issues, labor issues, technology, government, gender) it seems that all of the struggles of the era can be traced back to a few key questions: How do people live in a modern industrial society and what ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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US History Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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US History
...with the question, “what does America stand to gain by declaring war on Germany, in lands far from their own.” Americans were well aware of the plight of their European allies yet felt comfortable in the safety of their own homes. The war, it may be said, was on foreign land, on a different continent and had no direct bearing on the American way of life. This however, all changed when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The event served instantly united the various factions in United States and galvanized its resolve to enter the war against Japan. The illusion of relative safety American felt was shattered, and an outrage at these actions came to fore. This did not, however, mean that the United States declared war...
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...US History Brody, David. & Henretta, James A. America: a concise history, Volume II: Since 1877.” 4th edn., Boston, MA: Bedford/ St. Martin’s, Print Question 1  Concept of "governmental interference" Contrary to the spirit of freedom to practice personal space and fundamental rights provided for in the Laissez-Faire, political evolution in the American context has had to struggle with the opposing force of government intervention in affairs of the society. In the wake of the changing time of political and economic experiences in America, the American population had to deal with direct control of important socioeconomic decision making processes for the general public by...
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...Civil War The American civil war started in the year 1861 and ended in 1865. It left over 618,000 casualties over that period (Huston 104). The war was caused by tensions between states due to different reasons. During this period, different states competed with each other for the resources available. Economic and social differences between the north and south were one of the major conflicts. The south mainly specialized in agriculture specifically large scale. This meant that they required cheap labor, and with the invention of the cotton grin in 1793, cotton became more profitable since it was easier to separate the seeds from the cotton. The north purchased raw cotton and converted it into finished goods using the...
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...Life during the Great Depression The year 1929 was one of the worst times in the history of America. It virtually brought the nation down to itsknees and cast a terrible blow to the psyche of the Americans. The period between 1929 and 1941 was like a never-ending nightmare that robbed the Americans of their life, family and identity (Uys), but it also laid down some of the fundamental ideologies that make the nation what it is today. The Depression was caused due to the stock market crash, eventually leading to a host of financial complications like fall of the stock prices, disparity in demand and supply and huge amount of money lost. With the beginning of this acute financial crisis, banks failed, companies shut...
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Colonial history US History
... that they are fighting against colonization, and this is justified by many people in the colony; moreover, the British have invaded in American territory and oppressed us hence the uprising.   Works Cited “The Battle of Lexington”. The Aldine , Vol. 7, No. 16 (Apr., 1875), pp. 310, 315 Frothingham, Richard. History of the siege of Boston, and of the battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill: Also an account of the Bunker Hill Monument. With illustrative documents. Boston: C.C. Little & J. Brown. 1849. Print “The Lexington of the Sea” The Aldine , Vol. 8, No. 2 (1876), pp. 67-68... of the military’s coming and actions. On 19 April, upon spotting the British army, he used two lanterns as a signal of the British forces...
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... Lecturer: U. S History Questions Question The Great Depression that struck many countries and impacted the market economies towards the end of 1920s has contributed to varied measures and precautions for controlling economic disaster. One of the measures or precautions that is put place today for controlling economic disasters is restrictive monetary or fiscal policies. Since the Great Depression, the state government implemented policies that can enable them to control economic crisis. The research study indicates that the monetary construction and banking panic in America were the initial shock that contributed to economic crisis that also propagated across the globe (Perry 1). The causes of Great Depression were more profound... in that...
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Us history
...US History The peculiar of the south Slavery influenced the way the republicans viewed the south in various ways. The republicans felt that slavery was not a wise move because it involved destroying and compromising the democracy of the whites. The republicans initially did not care about the black community, but the action taken on slavery raised their concern. Slavery was a threat to republicanism as it was followed by serious and extreme southern demands. The political antislavery activists viewed African Americans as humans who were denied their rights. African Americans were subjected to a lot of torture and suffering, in the name of slavery. Slaves were also viewed as non civilized but strong people...
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History US
.... Congress also trimmed corporate tax rates and completely; and brought top marginal corporate tax rates from 90% to 38% after 1945. The results of the reforms dropped unemployment to 3.9% in 1946 from the double digits in the 1930s. The economy of the US picked again and the Great Economic Depression ended. Whilst the economic reforms were taking place as explained above, the experiences of war tremendously changed the American society mainly positively. The Digital History (2013) says some notable changes were seen beginning from the 1930s where many marginalized people (e.g. the homeless, hungry, poor) were given their needs through construction of houses and establishment of the social security...
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US History
...used to carry out labor in the various American states more so in the southern region. The reason why slavery in the South spread faster as compared to the North still remains a substance of contention, however, there is absolutely certain that the concept of slavery had impact on social, political and economic towards the development of America and its society. Slavery has played a significant role in the social development of individuals in America. For instance, the “three-fifths” compromise concept in America, which identified the slaves as fractions of human beings for the purposes of census and population count which resulted to the guarantee of the white men more votes as compared to the blacks in senatorial and...
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