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Centerofthequadrangleduewestof UphamHall ontheMiamiUniversityCampus - Essay Example

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Since its establishment, the earthwork has been centre of attraction for the University fraternity as well as foreigners. This piece of art…
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Centerofthequadrangleduewestof UphamHall ontheMiamiUniversityCampus
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"Centerofthequadrangleduewestof UphamHall ontheMiamiUniversityCampus"

Download file to see previous pages The sun rises in the morning and spreads its rays on all objects across the globe; the sculpture is no exception. The sky was clear blue and humidity was at its lowest. The temperature was just beginning to rise and clouds that had heavily hanged over my head ran away to create a path for the sun. With the help of the sunlight, every single image seems clear and the vicinity of the sculpture is quite detailed. One advantage with the day-light is that every facet of the sculpture can be vividly observed. The bracketing and columns stand very firm to support the compact oval roof-like capital (Cothren, 451). The central-plan building is crystal-clear and I could easily see and appreciate the outstanding work of the burin used by this legendary sculptor.
In the chilly evening, the sculpture seemed to have had absorbed some rays from the sun. And now the time came to spit the rays, like a fire dragon. I could not stop dreaming as watched the sculpture reflect a few rays of the sunset. I stood from a close range and watched the beautiful colonnade majestically rise from the very bold and energetic dado (Brookes, 37). A first, I imagined a dwarf on a stand-still; any coward man would run away as he comes to face with the statue. However, the dimness of the evening denied me the sight of the beautiful cameo and chamfer of the capital. In as much as the sculpture was quite prominent in the evening, a few details of it could not be observed.
The sculpture is located a stone-throw away from the main administration block of the institution. It borders the pavement that connects a number of buildings within the institution. Many trees have gathered around the earthwork to behold its unending beauty. Being by a path, it was easy to locate. From far, however, one could not easily spot it since it is surrounded by a building and some trees. The management of the institution may have strategically placed it here so as to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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