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University counseling center - PR Campaign - Essay Example

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The College University Counseling Center is conducting a PR campaign to increase its use by the students. As a part of this year long campaign, extensive programs are devised to make the Counseling Centre more student-friendly and approachable…
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University counseling center - PR Campaign
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Extract of sample "University counseling center - PR Campaign"

Download file to see previous pages The College University Counseling Center is conducting a PR campaign to increase its use by the students. As a part of this year long campaign, extensive programs are devised to make the Counseling Centre more student-friendly and approachable.The campaign themed ‘stay cool’ is aimed at increasing awareness about the services of Counseling Centre and at encouraging students to approach the Counseling Centre more freely. As a part of the program, a caring, licensed professional staff will be available to meet your needs. Are you a student who is; Feeling lonely away from home? Feeling sick of the harsh campus regimes? Feeling nervous unnecessarily? Facing problems retaining relationships? Feeling life colorless and boring? Unable to take decisions about future life? Unable to concentrate on studies? An international student facing language and cultural problems? Facing any kind of addiction? Suffering from eating disorders? Facing body disorder issues? Or Are you a parent who is worried about the performance of your son or daughter? Are you a staff feeling fed up with the errands of the curriculum? If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, you are the one we are looking for. We have arranged everything to bring you back to the track.The purpose of the year is to make more students use the Counseling Center. For this purpose, the concept developed is to make the University Counseling Center more accessible to everyone in the campus. We want to make it a place of comfort and care. In addition, the students should feel that the Counseling Center is a friend who is always ready to help. To achieve this end, the theme ‘stay cool’ will be selected. In addition, for all the programs under the PR campaign, a specific color code, a particular logo and the slogan ‘stay cool’ will be used. In addition, throughout the year, the Counseling Center will be spreading relaxation tips among students through both electronic and print media. The Counseling Center aims to make all the students aware about the activities of the Center and feel comfortable and confident to make use of these services. To attract more people to the counseling centr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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