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How native american were treated - Personal Statement Example

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They were the first horticulturist and environmentalists as their spirit was embodied in the natural world whether the minerals, vegetables or the animals. In United States, the Native Americans are the local people…
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"How native american were treated"

Download file to see previous pages Native America contracted epidemics diseases brought by the European, got displaced, enslavement and high rates of intermarriages (Stannard, 1993).
An Indian Holocaust is a term used by the American Indians to describe the mass destruction of the Indian population following the European colonization. On other hand, genocide means the killing of a particular people or tribe. It is also described as an intentional and systematic termination of national or ethnic group. Genocide is not a new phenomenon as the American Indians experienced it when colonialists burnt down their villages and shot all people including women and children. There were many aspects of genocide that was implemented by the Native Americans. The list of genocidal guidelines includes biological welfare, mass-execution, Incarceration, prevention of religious practices and incarceration among others. Mass-execution started when Columbus arrived as the forty-eight neighboring states of America were in excess by twelve million. Columbus came to implement mass execution and slavery. Three years later, approximately five million people were dead as a result of the mass execution and slavery. Spanish colonizers were harsh to children who attempted to run as they could cut off their legs (Stannard, 1993). They could also pour boiling soap on people who tried to resist their commands. This torture was an awful thing to do to a fellow human being. Despite the departure of Christopher Columbus, many countries celebrated the day that he arrived in America. However, this holiday has been widely opposed. This holiday is not common as people argue that he was cruel to the natives when he arrived in America. The day should not be eminent as it brings back memories of tears. The Spanish government conducted a census, and they found out that only 200 indigenous people were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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