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A Man Called Horse - Essay Example

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This study presents a critical analysis of the film “A Man Called Horse”. It is clear from the study that the movies of the 1960s and past this time created a specific impression relating to what it meant to be a Native American and what it was to belong in the culture. …
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A Man Called Horse
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Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that in the movie, “A Man Called Horse,” produced in 1970, there is a direct correlation between living the American lifestyle and living with the Native Americans.  The ideology is one which creates divisions and contrasts that are a part of the movie and which develop a different understanding of what it means to belong to an outside culture. The concepts of “A Man Called Horse”is set in the Wild West when America was only beginning to develop and explore the territories that were a part of the country. The movie begins with a man, John Morgan, who is going to discover the land and which is interested in developing his own area of land in the West. However, on his journeys, he is captured by the Sioux and begins to be treated as one who is trapped in the culture. The transformation which John begins to go through after this comes from watching the culture and how each of the people lives and survive on the land. This is followed by his eventual integration into the culture through gaining warrior status by killing warriors of another tribe, marrying one of the women on the land and going through initiation rights to be a part of the tribe, in which he gains the name ‘horse.’ The depictions of both cultures are then shown through the overall concept while building a sense of value that is a part of the story. The concept which is used in “A Man Called Horse” begins with the ideology of showing the white man and the ways that were known in the Wild West and depicted by the main character, John. This is shown first through showing the character fishing by the water and performing the expected routines that are a part of the concepts used for settlement. This is followed by the viewpoint which is taken after John is captured. The film shows the Native Americans surrounding John and looking foreign and like outsiders. The perspective and the way in which it is seen through John’s eyes create a sense of threat and the belief that John may die. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Man Called Horse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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