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Respond what you agree with and disagree with and why - Essay Example

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I completely agree with the statement made by Kenneth Auchincloss in his article “Americans Go To War” that we should not go into war unless this is the last resort and totally necessary to do so. People often can’t make sense of war conflicts and even though no war was…
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"Respond what you agree with and disagree with and why"

Download file to see previous pages The wars in Vietnam and Korea produced a whole generation of veteran warriors who suffers from all possible psychological and behavioural disorders. This generated some sort of butterfly effect to their families and communities, who were also involved in dealing with the post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the war.
I disagree with Auchincloss statement that after the World War II, the US felt obligated to intervene in the world affairs. I believe that the US wanted to prove that it is greater political and economic power after the World War II, when the rivalry between the Soviet Union and USA started. I am of the opinion that US intervened in all worldwide political matters only to show its growing military power. The only reason why US intervened was to get a head starts before the Soviets. Everything was a competition – who will send the first astronaut in space, who will have the nuclear weapons, who will land on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Respond What You Agree With and Disagree With and Why Essay.
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