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Men and Masculinities - Essay Example

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The World Values Survey was used to explore the attitudes people have toward politics. The study posed the question; How does race, ethnicity, and gender affect people's attitudes and their perception of the importance of politics It was hypothesized that the importance of politics would be correlated to the gender or race's representation in government offices and positions…
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Men and Masculinities
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Extract of sample "Men and Masculinities"

Download file to see previous pages It was found that 39.6% (p=0.00) of white males think politics is rather or very important. This compares with 40.4% (p=0.00) of black males and 40.1% (p=0.00) of Hispanic males. The number of white males who thought politics was not very important or not at all important was 59.4% (p=0.00). Black males in this category were 58.2% (p=0.00) while Hispanics were 58.9% (p=0.00).
White females had 33.3% (p=0.00) that believed politics was rather or very important. Blacks in this group numbered 31.1% (p=0.00) and Hispanic females were at 29.7% (p=0.00). The numbers of white females who thought that politics was not very or not at all important was 65.6% (p=0.00). Black females in this group numbered 66.6% (p=0.00) and Hispanic females were 68.8% (p=0.00).
The results clearly showed that men were more likely to believe that politics was rather or very important than were women. However, there was very little difference across racial and ethnic lines. In fact, black males who are traditionally underrepresented in government were the most likely to believe that politics was important. However, the differences between white, black, and Hispanic males were small.
The differences in gender were much more pronounced. ...
Belief in the importance of politics is a genderized attitude.
Women have traditionally placed more value on home and family than men have. Men have been viewed as the provider and have been given access to economic and social power. This has translated into a belief that political power is important and that it has value. Women feel political power is less important because they derive their social power from family and community and not the traditional political, economic, or cultural power structure.
GSS Introduction
Using GSS data the study explored the attitudes of gender and race towards business profits. The research question was how does gender and race impact a person's attitude toward business profits People were asked the question: Do you agree or disagree that allowing business to make good profits is the best way to improve everyone's standard of living. The study hypothesized that the groups who benefit most from business profits would be more likely to agree with the question. White males would strongly agree while black females would strongly disagree. There would be a large difference between genders as males have the most direct access to the economy.
Results (Study: GSS 1972-2004 Cumulative Datafile)
The results showed that 57% (p=0.00) of the white males agreed that allowing business to make good profits would improve everyone's standard of living. Only 25.2% (p=0.00) of the white males disagreed. 52.3% (p=0.19) of the black males agreed with the statement and 26.9% (p=0.19) disagreed. The overall male total was that 55.9% (p=0.00) agreed with the statement and 26.9% (p=0.00) disagreed.
When the question was posed to white women, 48.3% (p=0.00) agreed and 33.3% (p=0.00) disagreed. When black females were ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Men and Masculinities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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